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Arrrrggghhh........Bank Holiday! Presidents' Day. Still no communication, but I know my impressions have arrived at Sanford.   Just impatient, I know Fisher will do a good job.
I just sent in some W4R for remoulds to Kaysen. I hope to get an email from them soon on the design, can't wait........
My take as a TF10 user, if you can still find them get em! They are bang for buck in my book. I regard them more highly than my Westone W4R. Only one minus point is the V shape design.
Sorry been busy with work. I contacted Phil last night HK time via email and he was like real time replies! Anyway Phil was extremely sorry, and offered me 3 options which I have accepted one. Mistakes do happen and I'm generally happier now.   I have no problems with Cosmic, let the honeymoon period commence.   Cheers all.
Thanks for the advice, I have a real feeling of the kid opening up the Xmas pressies to find out the toy is not the color I wanted.Its a tough one.I mean too be honest the extra 10 quid is nothing, the form says black but I get only full smoke, let me ask Phil.So far bass is so much more than the W4r, it has more presence than the tf10 also.Cheers
Mine have arrived............but the outcome is not what I ordered. I'm listening to them now as I type, they sound great, but I asked and paid for a black face plate but i only got smoke. Fit is good, sound is good but not to my design. I'll email Phil.
Basic Space XX!!!!!!Sweet earphones and good music! It's taking just a tad longer from Sweden to Hong Kong, just hurry up and wait. Cheers
I went: 1 Awaiting Impressions 2 Ear Impression QA 3 Impression Detailing 4 Shell Creation 5 Electronic Assembly 6 Shell Detailing 7 Final Finishing 8 Testing QA 9 Packaging   Patience.............oooohhhhmmmm!!!
Been informed as of yesterday, my ba4f have been shipped, I really hope I get them before the end of the month as I might be outta town for a week. At least I still have my W4r to keep me entertained. I really like the mellow laid back clarity that they produce, but I have to admit I'm just a tad of a bass junkie, hope the ba4f can satisfy that itch, don't get me wrong I didn't want hybrids. Damn tf10!!!!!!!
Congrats Mate! I'm still envious!!!!!!! Enjoy and post up a review and some photos when you have the time.
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