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I'm having some problem after successfully upgrading to Windows 10, my USB audio using SPDIF which was working on Windows 8.1 is not working anymore ? Here's the details: I'm using Toshiba Dynadock U model with part number PA3575A-1PRP which has SPDIF cable connected to my Amplifier. I cannot find any driver in http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/accessories/port-replicators/pa3575a-1prp/download?os=30 either ? Here's what It shows in Audio setting: Any help would be...
The scorpions - Unplugged live in Athens Their recordings and guitar playing are amazing.
I'm using the BTG audio Sunset custom cable http://btg-audio.com/webstore.htm#!/Sunset-Headphone-Cable/p/17894638/category=2706350So far it's been a good experience for me listening to my HE-500, there is no more micro phonics effect plus the sound is almost the same with the stock cable.The only reason that I am happy with this cable is the copper colour and its flexibility to fold and wear while on the move.
Can anyone please let me know what's the power requirement for the Lisa III XP amp ?
Yes, I must admit that Fiio E12 is a great mobile amp.
So sorry to hear that mate,Mine doesn't :-/ how does it happened ?over the past 2 years, I've seen 2 times people with W4R in Sydney area, one in Strathfield and one in my office :-)
here's the setting:WindowsAC3 Codec properties:is this because of the DAC (Oritek OMZ Modz v4.1) is not supporting 24 bit or 192KHz processing while playing the 24-bit /96 KHz HD-track files ?Any kind of help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
Hi People, Why is that I get very high pitch (when I wear my head phone this is a painful experience ) or sometimes static noise when playing some FLAC files or .MKV files ? I've just installed K-Lite Codec version 10 on my Windows 7 laptop and using Windows Media Player classic as follows: Code: MPC-HC (Nightly) ---------------------------------- Build information: Version: (66de7c7) Compiler: MSVC 2012 Update 4 (SSE) ...
can I use this adaptor instead ?http://store.apple.com/au/product/HB631ZM/A/belkin-digital-optical-audio-cable-with-35mm-adapter-2mor this one:http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-x-Toslink-Optical-Female-to-3-5mm-Male-Mini-Plug-SPDIF-Adaptor-Connector-/160909038740
Cool, so in this case yes, I must get the additional TOSlink mini adapter.How about sound quality wise, does the Coaxial cable can perform better than the TOSlink ?
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