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can I use this adaptor instead ? this one:
Cool, so in this case yes, I must get the additional TOSlink mini adapter.How about sound quality wise, does the Coaxial cable can perform better than the TOSlink ?
Hi Proton, thanks for the screenshot of the Xonar STX card, it seems to me that there is not TOSLink connector at the back of the card ?
Thanks for the clarification Purple Angel, somehow I cannot see any SPDIF or TOSLink connector at the back of the Xonar STX ?from this picture:, does that means I will have to use analog Coaxial SPDIF output instead of the Fibre TOSLink cable for better sound quality ?
Wow,that's a truly home theater kind of device ;-)Thanks for the suggestion mate.
Hi All,does the Xonar STX can be used with TOSlink or Digital SPDIF into dedicated DAC device in this case my Oritek OMZ Mod v4.1?
So, can I use the TOSlink cable from the Xonar STX into my DAC device (Oritek OMZ Mod v4.1) ?
Yes, I know, it is hard to keeping up with the latest and the greatest model :-/well if your disposable income is always increasing then it doesn't really matter. But not for me here unfortunately.
you're right, that's how I feel after getting the Westone W4R for almost $499 last year :-/and now 4 Balance Armature is no longer the crown jewel of the universal IEM.
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