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I worked on an autonomous helicopter project for engineering senior design last year. We used a large custom RC helicopter for the airframe, though I'm not sure if I will stick with the hobby, as RC helis are relatively expensive. Furthermore, I now get to play with real ones every day working for Sikorsky. More photos here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wodgy I like Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" (despite the bombastic title, it's a good basic introduction to practical cooking). If you *really* want to live frugally, pick up the "More with Less Cookbook", a collection of recipes and cooking techniques from missionaries who work in third-world countries where money is scarce and prepared foods are rarely available. ^ Great advice here. And fore the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 Then why doesn't everyone use thick wires? Large diameter conductors are inflexible and can fracture if they are bent too often. The main purpose of stranding is to provide flexibility. More net conductive area can be a good thing up to a point. Yes, it really is that simple. Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 In my experience thick wires are only good for bass but have lack of...
Hey Comet, Yeah, it's a settings thing. The ChaintechAV-710 is all about the black port, right next to the optical out. It says 'rear channel' but this port connects to the hi-rez 24bit, 192kHz DAC. With the proper drivers (I use the Envy24HF driver), you can enable the high sample rate mode that will shut off the other ports, leaving you with pure audio bliss from the remaining black port. Here is some more...
There is but one option. Frrrreeeebiiiiirrrrd!!!!!!!
Well it's not exactly a hampster, but I found this little guy running around my doorstep the other day. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7818635783922121850 ...crazy animals.
Hey, the two of you should really stay out of the same threads...we've seen what can happen!
Quote: Originally Posted by pne turned off from zoos? Good! Why should they support capturing animals and keeping them in a fake habitat for the pleasure of humans, to entertain us at the cost of their freedom? Why feel bad for the kids? Its about time society quits glossing over stuff like life and death, sex, violence, etc from children. When I was a child I asked about this kind of stuff and was LIED to. Adults think they are wiser and smarter than...
I don't think that signal degradation is a very big issue with optical, and since I can't hear any difference, I have no opinion concerning the supposed virtues of different optical mediums. The most important factor in optical cable selection should really be the build quality. If the cable doesn't have strong insulation or robust strain-reliefs, twisting or tugging can easily crimp the element, possible ruining it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood The Guy that is the voice actor for the emperor sounds awfully Familyier. I was thinking the exact same thing!
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