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would you guys consider a900x better than dt770 250ohm? bass wise and sound clarity wise? i dont like sharp highs. 
there are so many! on amazon. mostly for ipods and iphones
can i use the E07k with a desktop amplifier, i mean just using this as a dac when i am at home?   Also even if i do get it to work with my s3 will it drain my phones battery?
bumping it...
anyone using dt770's 250 ohm with these?
thank you for the info. will the fiio e17 work with the app"USB Audio recorder".
Heya,   As the title says need an amp complementing my DT770's 250ohm sound. I was thinking of getting an odac and then pairing it to the amp you guys suggest.   your help would be much appreciated   Regards.
anyone tried the dt770 250 ohm with these? also which portable dac should i get?
Appreciated. Any ideas relating a detachable cable can under 250$ for rap Hip/hop and electronic. had the SRH840 in mind too. thanks for the help
will i be able to use IEM's with that amp? any gain switch?
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