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Suggestions plz
Thank you for your suggestion. Have you auditioned the mojo and the HA 2? is the price difference justifiable? 
Exactly the rout i thought i should take, will the chord mojo give me a noticeable gain in quality compared with the fio e07k? I found one for around 500$ but sadly i live in a 3rd world country adding shipment charges around 50$ exceeds my budget.
  My humble rig. LG G4-Fiio E07k andes- DT 770's 250 ohm- Atrio mg7 Need help upgrading, should i get new cans like hd 25 II or denon 7000 or upgrade my dac/amp to mojo. Budget is 500$.   Regards,
    My portablish humble rig.    BTW what should my next buy be if i have a 500$ budget? Should i upgrade my dac/amp like mojo, or go for a lesser impedance headphone like the hd 25 II or the denon 7000's?
Thank you for such a prompt reply,  1-I use my headphones at home and in public as well. 2-I do not work out while i am listening to music.3-My preferred choice would be mostly neutral. (if that's the type that will go with my music)4-I do not have any portability issue, i sometimes take out my DT 770's even.   Yes i know a lot of things come in to play, that is why i am in need of help from this amazing community :). Regards and cheers,
Hi,   I have the following items and 500$ budget to make my next purchase which will give me considerable upgrade in audio quality. I was wondering do i need a new dac/amp or a new pair of cans. I mostly listen to Rap, Hip/Hop, electro, techno, pop.   I have,   1-beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 250 ohms.     I like this sound signature over the atrio's but the bass can sometimes get a bit muffled or bloated for my liking, High end is nice and pleasent not too harsh like the...
would you guys consider a900x better than dt770 250ohm? bass wise and sound clarity wise? i dont like sharp highs. 
there are so many! on amazon. mostly for ipods and iphones
can i use the E07k with a desktop amplifier, i mean just using this as a dac when i am at home?   Also even if i do get it to work with my s3 will it drain my phones battery?
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