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Alright, thanks for the helps :D I think imma get Xonar U3, I've seen thread saying it works fine with AD700 so it should do the trick
So what you're saying is that Xonar U3 allows me to use DH processor like DSS2? or you mean Xonar U3 can produce surround sound itself?  
  It's a shame to say this as a PC gamer, but I use a laptop to game, not the best one at that :b. Which means the sound processor have to be an external one. Heard that Turtle Beach stuff is only supported with Dolby sound drive, mine is Realtek so I guess TB is out of question. Amazon is having August headphone sale shenanigans and I found Sharkoon X-tatic true 5.1 and EarForce DPX21 both only $90. So any of these are good at all?   *optimal budget range is around $100
Hey Head-Fi! This is my first post on the forum, so lets get along!   I decided to get a surround sound headset to replace my stereo headphone (Senn HD 238) for gaming usage. I love my HD238, but I felt that it didn't quite fit the role of competitive gaming. My priority is lower price with unexceptional performance (like HD 238 IMO), where I came down with either a headset or a processor:   Logitech G35: virtual surround sound headset, with reasonable price...
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