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 Holy crap! So glad I was kept being subbed to this thread, thanks! They at least look fantastic already!
SOLD - To a good home.           So, I'm looking at upgrading to some LCD-3's and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying these from me? These will be shipped from Norway, and since I'm nice I'll pay for the shipping and whatnot. I'd be more than willing to ship international (from Norway) as well.    I bought them from Greed on the forums (really recommended seller by the way) the summer of 2013. And have since put about 200 or so hours on them....
Consider re-uploading it in 1080p, as youtube allows for a higher bitrate in 1080p for whatever reason.
84.3kg 97 kg 72.72 kg
I'm too young to have heard of these guys without research haha, really great stuff!
Count me in for world wide!
I've wondered for a while, when you get a Wizard design, do you let the design purely into his hands or does it work similar to a tattoo where you work closely with the designer to get exactly what you want?
I simply can't read your posts without reading them in your voice anymore, after seeing a couple of your vids it just comes automatically lol
This is what the trade/sell section if for hehe.
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