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84.3kg 97 kg 72.72 kg
I'm too young to have heard of these guys without research haha, really great stuff!
Count me in for world wide!
I've wondered for a while, when you get a Wizard design, do you let the design purely into his hands or does it work similar to a tattoo where you work closely with the designer to get exactly what you want?
I simply can't read your posts without reading them in your voice anymore, after seeing a couple of your vids it just comes automatically lol
This is what the trade/sell section if for hehe.
I for one am super exited about how these will do with the Audez'e line-up.
Please...oh god just stop this before it begins. There will be an unneeded and totally thread-unrelated s@#tstorm of fans of either side with ultimately noone winning the argument because either side refuses to accept defeat...
I envy you for that work-setup...
I can't even begin to tell you how much I wish I had a spare 1299£ just laying around somewhere...  Good luck with the sale man 
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