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Audio Technica AD700 are as comfy as anything!
I am selling my Sound Blaster Z because I just got my Aune T1 and I simply don't need the SB Z anymore. the Aune T1 sounds better for music and in most games I don't need virtual surround, only ever used to use it in shooters (BF3/4). I will use razer surround for surround in those games from now on. it's just as good, if not better than Creative's Virtual Surround and better than Asus' Dolby Headphone.
valve = tube Valve is an english termTube is an american term Thanks for the link :) 
Hey guys, can you suggest a good site to buy valves from in the UK? I'm not looking to spend £100+ on them, want to experiment with some budget ones first.
Hey guys, add me to the club, my T1 arrived today. It came with the EH 6922 valve. Loving this thing, paired with DT880 Pro 250 Ohm. My AD700 also sound great through this little thing, so much so that I'm selling my Sound Blaster Z. I'm reading through the thread as I'm writing this, absorbing information. Here's a couple of pics I took earlier...
would you ship the 880 pro (250) to the UK? and how much would the delivered price be?
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