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Ill go with the MS1 once i got my cash back from my other orders , now i guess the worst part will be the waiting part ahha Ill probably order by Friday so if some1 see a deal before that , feel free to post it here  
Tittle say it all , i currently have some SRH440 For outside but i want some SR-80i for inside , I ordered some from but it seems they can't ship them outside US (Pretty sad since i could have em for 100$+20$ Shipping ) I know theres 1-2 threads about them but they are old and most of the the link are outdated I'd prefer not spend more than 140 WITH shipping .   ZIP / Postal Code is G1H 2Y2 if you need to calculate the shipping...
Just Plain simple ill buy the DT 770 Pro 250 , i want to know which Portable amp (see here can could prolly fit in my pocket ) i should use . (0-100 , i can go to 130 BIG MAXIMUM if its worth it ) I know theres a thread with 8 review for 100$ and less but lots of people say E11 won't be able to keep up with 250 ohms so i'm asking opinion of people with 250 ohm headset if possible ! -Portable -Could enhance my music (Metal) I'd prefer the built-in battery but i...
Hey guys i was wondering if theres a sub 100$ (max 110$) Portable amp that could drive the DT 770 Pro 250 ,  Or should i settle for DT 770 Pro 80 with a E7 ? Thanks for your opinion guys !
Hey guys i made another thread but don't feel like bumping it so ill ask every1 here . : DT770 Pro For Metal (See here Black / Ambiant / Melodic Death ) , Good ? Ill be using my Samsung Galaxy S2 (for the moment ) Now i need a good combination Ampli : E6-E7-E11 Headphone : 32 (limited edition) 80 / 250 Ohms Mostly for outside use . Feel free to PM me with your answers or just answers here ill try to keep up with the thread    
Damn i had my mind set on ATH-M50  but now DT770 also sound nice , as i said i walk a lots i almost always have my headphone on (see here 6-10 hours a day) and people tend to say the dt 770 are more comfortable  , anyway for a person like me  Neophite in audio would see the difference between the 32/ 80/250 600 ohm ? ) (I just looked and saw a pair of 32ohm for 199.00 in preorder , would it worth it ? (I feel like a spoiled  kid that can't make up his mind ahha )
I'll be using theses headphone outside since i walk a lots
I already have Poweramp , but i don't know enough in audio to tweet the setting , ill need to read a couple of wiki or something ahah i think ill settle for the ATH-M50 specially since soundproffesional sell a custom version of them with detachable wire !
Yeah but my Samsung Galaxy S2 has (from what i read ) a very high output impedance , therefore they recommand a ampli .. But since i'm not really into the whole audio term , could someone simplify this for me ? :P
Sorry for the bump again i'm almost really set on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 but for the Ampli would the Fiio e6 worth the extra 8$ VS the E5 ? Thanks again !  
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