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So it seems that these cans have been out long enough now that there should be some good comparison / impression threads, but I'm not finding anything.  I use & love my Focal CMS50 studio monitors & would love a similarly voiced set of cans.  Right now my primary set of closed back cans are the Shure SRH840's.  They're great, but I really, thoroughly hate their head band, even after a few modifications.  Anyone care to share a comparison of their Focal Spirit Pro's?  I...
Hey HF, I'm looking to pick up a set of Shure se535's.  Preferably a set of the bronze ones, but would consider the clear version if it's a good deal.  Also willing to pay slightly more for the red limited ed. ones.  I was thinking about $275 as a starting ballpark, please let me know what you've got & what you're asking!  Thanks!
Found some on craigslist for $250.  Good luck, Jackeduphard!
Bump again
Hey all, looking to pick up a set of Sennheiser HD600's for around $200-$250 depending on condition.  Let me know what you've got!
still available
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