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At university I saw the occasional sennheiser, and a few other decent headphones.  Probably because headphones are so bloody expensive here. Wish I could remember more specifics but its been a while since I've been to uni. There was the usual beats of course, but not too many. I certainly didn't see anyone one with better IEM's than mine either. (IE8's)  
Ferrari by logic 3. Just plain terrible.
Ive spent  $90 for my cx 300 II, $140 on my sennheiser ie8's, and $200 on my xba-4's, .... and my point is invalid beacuse they all cost less than $200.....   Basically no, id spend more than $200 on earphones that I only use with my sony walkman any day of the week, provided they are worth it of course. But it'd be a good idea to try and stay under the $200 price though, unless you reallly scope out a nice pair of iems that are on special and sound amazing. In that...
"Whoa... I bet amazon gets a lot of business from you guys." They do indeed.
Basically the xba-3's are $150 and the xba-4's are $200 at harvey norman right now... Thats cheaper than ebay! Its worth getting them for that price, i got the xba-4's and I'm very satisfied with them. Although does anyone even want the xba's anyway? They seem very unpopular in australia, my "local" audiphile store stopped stocking them for that reason.  
Progress has been made. I've taken out the foam again and decided to leave it out while testing buds/positions as the foam appears to only dampen treble. The medium foam buds with the cable down do seem to make the bass more "visible", but they also seem to veil everything else, like foam seems to normally do.   i noticed that moving the earphones around from the outside to reposition the buds and the nozzle on the inside improved sound dramatically, but i have to...
i tried the mod, and it does give the treble some more kick. The foam hybrid buds seem to give it more bass, but they are a bit of a pain to get in and in the past foam has always dampened the treble... Ive got the foam back in now, i cant decide wether or not i want to leave it out, but in the meantime im going to try the foam ones to get some more bass.
Just wondering if the amperior is better with sound quality/practicality than the hd 598's.
Now i have to decide whether to tell him the bad news... or just leave him in his bliss.  Ill check his again of course, and if they still have tons of treble... Ill know for sure. Although i should probably tell him, but god knows what he might brake afterwards.... Oh well, it only cost him $110. Could be worse... Thanks for the graph. That confirms my suspicion in the lack of bass. I can rethink my theory of burn in too....
I was wondering that, i thought one pair might be fake. I checked mine extensivly, and they are definitely legit, and now they've burnt in they sound legit, and i checked his too. They may well be fakes... The logo's all look legit, sharp well done, but the plastic/rubber stuff isn't as clear as mine. The red chip wire... ill need to check that again on his. The way they sound though... there's way too much treble. Far too much. The bass on his isn't very loud too, I...
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