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Most likely due to the fact that McIntosh is more synonymous with speaker rigs (full blown audio exotica) while the HI-FI Man brand is associated with headphone tech.   Shame really considering the McIntosh pedigree.
 The Mk1, arguably to most Stax aficionados was one of the best headphones they created .................(as you are probably aware )
You both make some really valid points.
  What seems equally as impressive as the Yggdrasil or more so might be that sweet looking Spritzer created amp
   Very true SD, you really need your own ears to decide as in all things Hi - Fi (as you already know I'm sure) . Yes the 800 can at times be a tad bright but for pure instrument separation it cant be beat. Give it an audition with the Classical genre when you can. 
Definitely a great all rounder but if I'm in that Baroque kind of mood I may reach for the HD-800.   Don't get me wrong though the TH-900 can easily hold its own in the Classical dept.
    Quote: Congrats guys ...... enjoy the new toys
   Agreed. As mentioned you can always upgrade DACs , amps and all that good stuff as time and $$ allow.  No rush. Be rest assured though that you are getting one mighty nice hp to start things off.  It's a great start. Besides, simply based on your current amp / DAC budget the  O2 + ODAC will probably do nicely.
   I mean I hate it when the crystals in the cables that have been laid down for 1000 hours properly just breakdown due to me moving my headphones around.     
  I hate it when that happens.
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