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 You owe it to yourself to research the TH-900.
There is also the idea that some actually enjoy "witnessing" and experiencing with their own ears the burn in process.   Being a part of it and appreciating along the way how the headphone develops into an almost different creature.    This IMO is half the fun about getting a new headphone.
 Good to hear ...enjoy !
 IMO probably worth a try with the 2nd tech as long as it doesn't break the bank.  No point in putting good money into a sub par headphone (not being a snob, but you know what I mean).  Or your other approach could be to simply trash the old beater and invest in a shiny new top tier hp  
   Enjoy the trip !Sounds like a once in a lifetime event.
The entire cable should be replaceable unless of course the cost would be higher than what the headphone itself is worth. The Sig Pro cable is detachable as with the DJ however the connection point is more of a proprietary one.  In other words if you are considering replacing your debunked cable with one from the Sig Pro / DJ line it would be a no go unless you were willing to throw some $$$ at it. May I ask what headphone you are referring to? (the one you've owned for 10...
 Well its about time you realized how wonderful the Sig series really is
  Well put and great analogy with the Gerard Depardieu reference / story.
 Unusual indeed since the Sig series are a no nonsense straight shooting hp that are not generally finicky with amp and dac pairings.  I do in fact label the Sig Pro as an "audiophile" hp be it just a less fussy one or minus the typical brightness or sparkly upper end associated with audiophile headphones.  I think that merely labeling the Sig DJ as a bass or fart cannon is not doing it justice and many peeps are losing sight that it is so much more than that.  At the end...
 Congrats ... keep us posted.
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