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Just wanted to add that I am using the Heimdall 2 also....highly recommended.  Super light you barely even know they are attached.    Sound sig adds to the Utopia, contributing some detail and precision to the sound in that typical Nordost fashion.
Been using the Utopia fed from a Simaudio 430-HAD connected by a Heimdall 2 balanced cable. Could not be happier with the presentation on all fronts. The Moon is known to be a rather musical amp, this most likely helps in the overall sound. A sweet combo IMO.
Surely though jibrach if the 430 can handle the Abyss and in some reports the HE-6, it can handle the LCD-4? I haven't heard the pairing myself (LCD-4 and 430).....curious.
I am finding it to be a sweet pairing 
 Good to hear ! Hope you enjoy them as much as I am       My understanding (according to my dealer) and the Canadian distributor out of Edmonton here in Canada the Utopia is being produced at a rate of 10 per day.  Sorry can't help you on the pads.
Not sure if this has been posted here lately, if not heres something for all those super big spenders out there.      http://www.focal.com/canada/en/content/11974-utopia-by-tournaire-the-most-prestigious-headphones-in-the-world
  It has been challenged Tony since Napoleon was a Private.  As always though there are believers in cable burn in and disbelievers, nothing new. Personally, I believe in cable burn in.
 That itch will never be scratched. All you can really hope for is a headphone that ticks most of the boxes.
 So far I'm really liking the mix.  While the 430HA is very musical IMO, the Nordost offers its share of speed and transparency (typical Nordost).  Seems like a sweet combo to these ears.
   LOL will do  !
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