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 Interesting indeed.
Interesting observations DK.
  LOL ......if you think this is a tough room try the V281 thread
 Congrats .....enjoy them !
 I assure you I was'nt following TonyNewman and his posts and as a matter of fact I have had some complimentary things to add to some of his postings. In some instances giving him props for his       system and so on. Having been a member here since 2005 I tend not to follow trends, I audition gear first and purchase based on what my ears find pleasing not someone elses.         No slurs were used against you Tony and I did refer to the term "with all due respect" which I...
I am entitled to my opinion as well as my obesrvations, as you are. 
I stick to my opinion .....in a few months the v281 will be yesterdays news to make room for the current FOTM.   My post was not meant as an attack more as an observation.  Some people suffer from extreme New Toy Syndrome and gush about it to the extreme.
  I realize that this is the v281 appreciation thread and all but with all due respect Tony not long ago you were singing the praises of both mentioned amps as if they were the second coming of the Lord All Mighty. Countless posts prove how you once felt the "Tauras nailed it" or the "430HA reigned supreme" so on and son and so on........to FANBOY Supreme levels of enthusiasm.  And now here we are with the v281 and its "God like" amp holiness. If I was a betting man I...
    Yes she is a bat
      My wife has you beat by at least 10 
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