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LOL ... well, yes I do visit the Naim forums from time to time.  They are a good crew over there I find, lots of knowledge.  Although being an owner of the "lowly" V1 my input is minimal at best lol.  I know what you mean by DAC wars, always a battle between Chord and the Naim die hards. Great brand though definitely as your aware with tons of pedigree and significance.  The Lavry was an earlier purchase, at the time it held its own as a DAC,  now I'm not so...
Some say 300+ hours, personally, I noticed changes at or around the 100-hour mark.  It mellows overall,  but not in a sloppy, syrupy way.  Enjoy it !  
Nice thread Currawong.  Keep the impressions coming.  I have the feeling that you are being very objective on your opinions thus far, which is a good thing IMO.  I have recently seen a couple of reviews that seem to lean towards the LCD-4, very biased impressions me thinks.   Looking forward to more comments and "GO TEAM UTOPIA" yay .........   
Check out Norne   (good value, bit of a wait time though) cables or Nordost Heimdall 2   or take a looky around here Beautiful dogs by the way   
 Very handy...good effort 
  This made my evening ... lol reps for these posts 
Very true the 800 rules the classical scene...but the 900 can be a great all rounder IMO.  EDM...darkwave, strong points for the 900, Jazz also.
Just wanted to add that I am using the Heimdall 2 also....highly recommended.  Super light you barely even know they are attached.    Sound sig adds to the Utopia, contributing some detail and precision to the sound in that typical Nordost fashion.
Been using the Utopia fed from a Simaudio 430-HAD connected by a Heimdall 2 balanced cable. Could not be happier with the presentation on all fronts. The Moon is known to be a rather musical amp, this most likely helps in the overall sound. A sweet combo IMO.
Surely though jibrach if the 430 can handle the Abyss and in some reports the HE-6, it can handle the LCD-4? I haven't heard the pairing myself (LCD-4 and 430).....curious.
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