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Woah, thanks for posting that.
Did ya get it finished? Would love to hear about it or see pics.
  Hello, did you ever complete the write-up on the Soekris DAC? Thanks.
SOLD SOLD SOLD       Decided to let this go. It's a DDC with a unique sonic signature. Very rich and analog sounding w/ amazing bass. It's modified with Mundorf silver signal wire, BNC Jack, Neotech cryo'd copper power wires, and Crystek clocks. The upgrades alone were over $100. Price includes shipping. USA only for now
Haha. Thank you very much for that info. Greatly appreciated. I'll keep an eye out for the uber.
  Hi Murph, I currently use the Luckit WaveIO and haven't plugged the Breeze in for a while. I lean slightly towards the WaveIO as my favorite over DU-U8. But I'll throw out an educated guess and say you should go with both the Cerious GE and and Purifier2 for DU-U8. Whatever your budget allows. Yeah, this Purifier2 is amazing me!
Bob, my initial post was obviously directed towards prot, not you. So I have no idea where you're going with that tirade.   Btw, I have thanked you numerous times for both the suggestions of the Breeze DU-U8 and Cerious Graphene Extreme cables. And I have to thank you again for the IFI Purifier2 and 5v Ipower. This Purifier2 is a gem!
????????? Eh, who are talking to here? Sounds like you are responding to me but I'm not sure even sure.
  Makes me wonder why you opened this very thread in the first place. Hmmm.
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