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Still available. Great deal here. I would certainly keep it if I still needed a balanced cable, but I have no use for it at the moment.
Price drop to $150.
Final drop to $1500.
Price drop to $1600.
OMG.... Best DAC you'll ever find for this kind of money.
Great IC's, and a bargain for the $329 list price. Mine are in very good condition and about 1/2 off the already good price. Fully broken in. See John's web site for details and great reviews. My price includes shipping (US only), and PayPal fees are on me.
Cord in excellent condition. Nice step up from Pangea and other budget cords. Both plugs are Synergistic G07. Great value! Info here: The new Precision AC bāsik’s performance is exceptional for such an affordable and flexible power cord. This entry-level power cord is terminated with our new G 07 wall and IEC ends (see below), and Quantum Tunneled for detail and holographic performance. The...
Audioquest NRG-100. I purchased it used from a local dealer (Fidelis in NH). I was using this cord on my DAC and it provides the most articulate sound out of all the cables that I have tried, but in the end I went with a mellower sounding cable. This cable sells for over $1200 at Audio Advisor, although the cable I have for sale uses gold(not silver)  NRG-500 plugs. It uses solid silver PSC+ conductors and the 72v Dielectric Bias System.  The cable has been discontinued(I...
I'm the third owner of this DAC/Pre and have used it for 2 months. I have been very happy with it, but after careful consideration I have decided to let it go. Fantastic cosmetic condition and no issues at all. Original box, remote, manual, accessories all included. Priced for a (hopefully) quick sale. Fedex shipping (CONUS) included in price. Please contact me with any questions.   I accept Paypal friends and family (or add 3.5%), Cashier Checks, or Postal MO's. Thanks...
  I am the second owner, so I can't give an estimate on hours. What I can vouch for is that it is 100% working and no issues cosmetically. If I my price cannot be met I think I may as well hold onto it for a backup. Very surprised it has not sold yet.
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