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Still available. Great deal here. I would certainly keep it if I still needed a balanced cable, but I have no use for it at the moment.
Price drop to $150.
Final drop to $1500.
Price drop to $1600.
OMG.... Best DAC you'll ever find for this kind of money.
Great IC's, and a bargain for the $329 list price. Mine are in very good condition and about 1/2 off the already good price. Fully broken in. See John's web site for details and great reviews. My price includes shipping (US only), and PayPal fees are on me.         http://www.jwaudio.net/Reference-Interconnects.html   http://app.audiogon.com/listings?utf8=%E2%9C%93&global_search_text=jw+audio+reference
Cord in excellent condition. Nice step up from Pangea and other budget cords. Both plugs are Synergistic G07. Great value! Info here: http://www.synergisticresearch.com/basik/galileo-precision-ac-basik-power-cord/ The new Precision AC bāsik’s performance is exceptional for such an affordable and flexible power cord. This entry-level power cord is terminated with our new G 07 wall and IEC ends (see below), and Quantum Tunneled for detail and holographic performance. The...
Audioquest NRG-100. I purchased it used from a local dealer (Fidelis in NH). I was using this cord on my DAC and it provides the most articulate sound out of all the cables that I have tried, but in the end I went with a mellower sounding cable. This cable sells for over $1200 at Audio Advisor, although the cable I have for sale uses gold(not silver)  NRG-500 plugs. It uses solid silver PSC+ conductors and the 72v Dielectric Bias System.  The cable has been discontinued(I...
I'm the third owner of this DAC/Pre and have used it for 2 months. I have been very happy with it, but after careful consideration I have decided to let it go. Fantastic cosmetic condition and no issues at all. Original box, remote, manual, accessories all included. Priced for a (hopefully) quick sale. Fedex shipping (CONUS) included in price. Please contact me with any questions.   I accept Paypal friends and family (or add 3.5%), Cashier Checks, or Postal MO's. Thanks...
  I am the second owner, so I can't give an estimate on hours. What I can vouch for is that it is 100% working and no issues cosmetically. If I my price cannot be met I think I may as well hold onto it for a backup. Very surprised it has not sold yet.
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