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Bought brand new from Hi-Fi Heaven five months ago. Probably somewhere between 200-300 hours on it. Works 100% flawlessly. Near perfect cosmetic condition. 9/10 condition. I recently acquired an Eximus DP-1 so that has one these built in so no longer needed.   $310 CONUS
Perfect condition with original box/materials. This has between 70-100 hours on it.  Great deal! $105 CONUS
Bought brand new from Audio Advisor. A few hundred hours on these, so fully burnt in.  $60 CONUS for the pair.
Like new condition. $125 CONUS.
I have a 2 meter VSD-5 cable for sale. Fully burnt-in with 200 hours on it. Free shipping CONUS.
Currently at 1.6TB. Using a 3TB internal HDD. I have plans to go 100% SSD soon.
 What I have to offer is nothing that has not been said in a 50 page thread by a poster who calls himself "gregorio", or out of one my books.  I do my own listening, and believe that is how everybody should draw there own opinions conclusions. There is actually no "right" or "wrong" with the 192khz sample rate as the author implies. It's entirely a subjective thing and opinions vary.  What can't be denied is that there is an audible difference between 24/192 and 16/44.1
 You are definitely going to have explain that analogy to me. Sorry for being so thick.
I just tried the 12khz band on the graphic EQ in JRMC and swept it from 12db to -12db and the difference was not subtle.  I bet every single person in this thread could here that.  14khz on the other hand was much more subtle. 16khz? Forget about it.
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