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ALO audio SXC Cryo Wire 24AWG FEP $30.00   using something like this, is it possible to build your own earphone??? buying all the additional parts?
same question as the title... Is edition 8 earpads detatchable?? How??? do I just pull it??? Can I put it back on?
I recently purchaced a pair of edition 8.... I wanted to recable it with a better cable... but after recieving the headphone, I could not dare to open them up..... SO I was thinking about buying a extension cable... When I use a better extension cable, is there any chance of the sound changing like recableing?? And I do need an extension cable any way.. so which company is cheap and good?? :P
is there any place that shows the procedure? Wil it be too challanging if it is the first time doing it?
It is a very depressing thing to be a teenager..... Not allowed to have a credit card....nor paypal..... Tried every way but failing, I decided to buy hd 650 instead of audez'e lcd-2....... Cause I can buy it on amazon with a gift card..... is it possible to sound hd 650 like audeze lcd-2 with a nice amp, with a nice amp? amp, also is possible up to 500$
same as the questions above.... Are there any headphone shop near the Maryland, Bethesda and D.C area that sell audeze? God... it is so hard to buy a headphone for a non-adult...... Can't have credit card... paypal.... is there any way to buy u guys think? without going to the actual store? TAT
Thanks for the replys~ I guess I will just get them from the service-and-sales also~!
They sell cheap edition 8 on the ebay.. they are almost 500$ less in price than the original price..   However, I do not think I will get a fully guaranteed warranty..   If it does not make any problems easily, I think I might risk it...   Do you guys think is it better to risk it? Cause 1600$... It is impossible for me to make up the money...
simple question.. Will it work if I made the input? the size 3.5 so that I could just plug it in to my ipod ?
I am going to purchace Audeze LCD-2 in a few weeks... I just wanted to make sure if I am buying the right headphone for me...   1. Will the sound be comming out "a lot"?, I live in a dorm with my roommate... Will it disturbe him a lot?   2. If there is a volume range of 1~10, how loud will the sound comming out at what volume?   3. I am kind of short in buget... I won't be using a good amp for a few month.. Will a cheap portable amp like Fiio e17? Make a...
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