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 Thanks :)
Hey all,    I just received my HD650 and they're still burning-in but they sound lovely with the little V1 and the Schiit Modi. I know these cans deserve better gear and currently I'm saving for a new amp (Little Dot MK III? not 100% sure).   Meanwhile I'd like to upgrade the EH6922 tube to improve the sound of the Bravo. It's 18 months old so I thought it may not be performing at its best, but I don't know much about tubes so this might be totally wrong. I'm looking...
Hey, I see you have the Vali and the HD650. I have them too and i'm very interested in the Vali. My DAC is a Modi. How do the Senns pair? Is the hiss clearly audible if you listen to music with a low volume?
Actually there are LEDs, because, according to Schiit, "Submini tubes running 1.25V heaters don’t really glow, sorry."But a further inspection of Vali's page revealed that the LEDs bias the output stage.  Still, I don't think it will become red hot and melt if i cover the holes so maybe that's the solution.
Bummer... I love to listen to music through my headphones in a completely dark room, and while I can put some tape on the front white LED I don't know if putting tape on top of the amp is totally okay
Can anyone tall me about Vali's internal LED lights? Can you switch them off or take them off the amp in some way?
Thanks a lot for those files. My HD650 should be here in a couple of days!
Cables that go from iPod to Modi's USB does not seem to exist, I have a Fiio cable that goes from iPod's LOD port to a 3.5mm jack (bought with my old Fiio E7 which didn't satisfied me sound wise) but i can't see how that will be useful.   The iStreamer is quite expensive, X3 is a good idea though...
Hello, I own a little setup that I would convert to a bed side table setup, as soon as I can figure it out how. It's composed by a Schiit Modi, a Bravo Audio V1(yeah, need to upgrade that...) and a pair of AKG K242HD... Right now the Modi is connected to my computer via USB, but I want to use it with my iPod instead. Is it possible? I mean, I know there is a Pure device that basically does that but it has a DAC on its own so I don't think it suits my case...   If there...
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