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sorry that this might be the same question all over again Is the A15 same sound signature completely with ZX-1 Because i dont like the zx-1 that much, so if A15 is totally dif, it very tempt
yeah this
Pmed already
very generous im in too
very very encouraging
i like the sound of esw11ltd, but might much more prefer the wood plate more if it not look so close to esw9 which i own also
i was pretty scare of the kind a hole thin in there, but it seem to look better in time lol
i think i choose dark burgundy for shell and buckeye for faceplate, but the plate doesn't seem like buckeye tho
or do you guys think it a production error and declare wizard design instead, lol just for fun, i love it anyway
what do you guys think, It special design by wizard It look awesome Finally it done.        
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