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money sent seller dissapear!!!
pm sent
thank you for the update, because i send the payment like couple days, and never got any chance to heard anything from him I will wait patiently then 
How come i make the payment then the seller dissapear?
so anyone have a clue for it cost yet?   i found some nice Fitear Tone in white too
the service and advise from christain is real nice. As i'm looking for the cable for my fitear which increase everything nicely, the Gold/silver/copper done that very nicely. Never happier than any cable before this one.   really appreciated Plussound
If within those budget i would add togo334 to the list as well, it pretty amazing with p1
I really interest in the new copper+ silver+gold wire which seem amazing. Anyone have any chance with it ever yet? Christian is awesomely helpful
Just i tot it would be because i try the pattere and see the different which 000 improove patterre, but i also tot thatthe 334 is too full to my ear already to add 000 would be too much, but need to try i guess.How about the black widow and many different cable from toxic cable etc venom, scorpion
What are the list of nice cable for To go 334 available at the moment? Is the 000 really worth it or other might be better?
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