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The P1 Sound amazing with the variety of eq and the headphone mode, i think it more comfortable than ak a lot because of the tuning Eq I'm the new owner and pretty addicted it right away
how can i know see the different from new version to old version Other way than open and look inside?
Right now i just use the Yunlong D100 mark 2 to drive my hd650 I'm try to find an upgrade, to Schiit too, or maybe use d100 as dac then get a Lyr 2 or vahalla 2 for an amp Would you guys think that would be good idea or not?
sorry that this might be the same question all over again Is the A15 same sound signature completely with ZX-1 Because i dont like the zx-1 that much, so if A15 is totally dif, it very tempt
yeah this
Pmed already
very generous im in too
very very encouraging
i like the sound of esw11ltd, but might much more prefer the wood plate more if it not look so close to esw9 which i own also
i was pretty scare of the kind a hole thin in there, but it seem to look better in time lol
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