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I just wanted to share my experience that started from "cowon or sony"   I had a Cowon J3 which was stolen a couple of months ago, in the search of replacing it I bought a Sony Walkman A-865 which I sent back, so after that I went for a Cowon Z2 (great sound not that great android device) so I also sent it back... I have been using since then My Phone Samsung Gio S5660 with power-amp, it sounds very good close to any good pmp but no better..  I was advised in this...
  Thanks for that info. I appreciate any Help. I am already searching for that Fiio E5 on internet. Cheers
  You are right, Samsung Galaxy Gio is an Android Phone not an mp3.
  Actually the idea of using the Fiio E5 was not for the cowon Z2 (which by the way, was sent back) but for a Samsung Galaxy Gio which would increase its battery life.  when using Power-amp at almost maximum volume (needed to drive properly my ATH-m50) the battery lasts just like 2 hours.  So 15hrs of battery life with the Fiio E5 would be quite good to use it with that Android Phone. Thanks for the extra info though. 
  I didn't think about it... Yes I suppose, that would increase the battery life.  I will have a look at that Fiio E5.  Cheaper solution for the moment. Thanks for that
Not better luck with the Z2. The sound and the video are just great, I would say the sound for my taste that is better than the sony A-865, the video way superior since is capable of 1080p, I only watched 720p movies though.   The battery life also better than the Sony Walkman, no much but definitely better. The control buttons are not very easy to use, I prefer Sony A865 and better yet the Cowon J3.   Well but not everything is perfect, Cowon Z2 is a very weak...
That is correct, I know is just 22hrs, the sony A865 has also around the same battery life "in theory" perhaps for the cold weather here, but I never passed 9 - 10 hrs with Sony. I listened mainly 320kbs and some wav albums, battery life is important but I can live with 20 hrs.   cheers for that info though
I just came to this thread looking for some orientation between cowon and sony; well since I had a cowon J3, I wanted to try the sony nwz a865 and kind of wait for some reviews of the Sony F series in order to get it in the near future.     So I bought the Sony NWZ A865 and After a week of using the A series I am now sending it back, and I will be getting the Cowon Z2  even that the Cowon J3 is still available in amazon, I will go for more video support on the Z2....
  Have a look at the amazon link (stated above), pretty much for the same money of  Sony F 16Gb you could get the Sony F 32Gb (US$270). I would go for that sony, but I already bought the A version; If the money was not an issue I would get the F series. I dont own the z2 but if you want the pmp for gaming movies etc... i think the sony has better processor, also better android version so that should be a better choice.
I was about to get the F series 16gb, but i believe I could not longer wait more time without having a proper pmp, so I bought the Sony A865 it was cheaper and I like the buttons on the side, another reason since Sony does not support flac files in the A series I did not find much point in getting more capacity if I will be loading it with 320mp3.   I will try the A series to see how it sounds in comparison with my ex-Cowon J3 (just by memory I reckon haha). However...
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