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Also does the Asus Xonar DG have a better DAC than the E7 or E17?
Is the amp quality better than the E11?
Out of my budget
I have decided on getting the Audio Technica ATH-M50s, and now I have to decide on an amp. I want the amp to have a built in DAC, since I am still using my motherboards built in sound. I like the idea of the FiiO E7, but I have heard that its non-DAC counterpart, the E11 has superior performance. So now I am stuck, do I get the superior amp performance of the E11, but have to use the built in sound of my motherboard? Or do I go with the E7, sacrificing amp capabilities...
I have decided to get the M50s, thanks for all the help guys!
 all right, so between the Dj100s, the M50s, the SRH750Djs, and the SRH440s really any would be a pretty good choice for me? Also, are the E7, E11, and E17 worth the extra money over the E6 when amping a sub-200 dollar set of headphones?
I am looking to purchase my first "high end" set of cans. I listen to music pretty often, on the go and at my computer through Spotify, Pandora, and similar services. Since I want some kind of all around setup I would want a portable amplifier. My budget is no more than 200 for the whole setup. I listen to mostly Alternative (Coldplay, OneRepublic, The Fray, etc.) and some Rock (Green Day, Linkin Park, The Foo Fighters, etc.). So I don't know what kind of headphones...
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