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 Thanks for the video man. I ordered a pair of these along with my X7 on Massdrop recently without really ever seeing them, and finding any decent pictures or video was near impossible. On a side note, it looks like I'll be moving my tower to the floor in a couple of weeks. I also have a generally dumb question for anyone that sees this. Can I use my sub from my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 set with the X7 and the EMUs? I apologize if this is a terrible/stupid/misguided...
I rarely use any of this so I figured I'd try my luck here before heading over to the dreaded feebay. Included is a like new Fiio X5 with two 64GB micro SD cards, a Fiio E12 amp, and a pair of basically brand new Shure SE215's that I received as a gift but I couldn't get them in my ears so I never really actually used them. I have all of the original packaging and accessories for both the X5 and the E12 as well as a few extras like an iPod classic LOD.   Summary of...
Has anyone else been waiting so long on MP4Nation or *insert retailer here* that they don't even want one anymore? Maybe I'm just spoiled by Amazon Prime. If they didn't straight up lie about their stock, when they would have it, and which pre-order group I was in that would have helped as well.
Shameless self bump since I changed the price and added an E7 just to get rid of some stuff.  
Selling my one time used pair of 598's. Bought them a few months ago and just haven't used them other than once, the day I received them. I'm also including my mint Fiio E7 portable DAC and a Sennheiser desk/shelf hanger. I'll cover shipping in the U.S. but overseas buyers will have to pay a bit for shipping.   I also have these listed on eBay right now without the E7, so you can purchase them from me on there or through here. It doesn't really matter to me either...
Shure SRH440.   I wouldn't reccommend any open headphone to anyone who plans on wearing them out in public. I can't stand when I can hear other people's music, so I assume nobody wants to hear mine either. The Shure's have excellent isolation, cost less than $100, and are foldable for portability. If you end up choosing them make shure you order the replacement ear cushions for the 840's. The ones that come on the 440 from the factory are terrible.
+1 on the Beyer's, they're the most comfortable I've owned.  
I always use the equalizer in iTunes, but the kind of music I listen too has a habit of being poorly mixed, mastered, etc.   I think everything sounds terrible without it, not sure how you guys do it.
  Thanks, I tried my best to diversify so I could get a good taste of the different styles and sounds.  The desk isn't actually custom built at all it's just some cheapy pile I bought from a local auction for $30. I think it's just a Wal-Mart brand one that you buy and assemble yourself. The openings are great for storing cables, 6.3mm adapters, cases, etc. and the edges work great for the headphone clamps I bought.
  Thanks for pointing this out! I just did the reverse quarter mod on my yellow Sennheiser pads, they still aren't amazingly comfortable but it definitely helped quite a bit. I'm guessing my problem is the fact that I wear glasses, so I'll just have to get over it.
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