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I haven't been on this thread for a while, but may I request for some art of ponies wearing headphones please?
  Good afternoon fellas.
One more thing, how will I prevent the gold from fading? It seems to be fading after my headphones are used for some time.
I remember I had a keychain of Berry Punch's cutie mark as a souvenir from the PH Bronies anniversary con. Too bad I don't have it anymore.
The new episode wasn't as good as I thought it would...Have some artwork instead.
Do everything you can now. When school starts. Bam! No more free time for anything. Even ponies.
When your friends tell you to stop wasting money on headphones and tell you to buy Beats and tell them it's crap.
Let's party with Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie Pie best poni
Woah, I didn't actually noticed that the engraving on the M80's page was actually identical to that of Celestia. I always thought that it was different one way or another. 
New Posts  All Forums: