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IEMs make my ear canals itch after a while. I've tried a few different types of silicon tips and comply foam. I don't have any issues with the Sony's. I probably have a 10 minute break every 2 hours.
The bass isn't necessarily a bad thing. It was just more of an observation.   If I run them through my Fiio E12 with the bass boost switched on I quite like the sound it evens out the bass a bit adding more to the sub bass. I listen to a lot of hip-hop and I find it gives you the nightclub feel. I don't notice the bass hump on my jazz or other genres so it works out fine for me. I'll be keeping these till they break.   I'm not an audiophile or anything like that but if...
Just got these bad boys. Overall I like them. Very comfortable, one thing I notice is that the bass sounds a bit boomy. I read some reviews that said something similar about a mid bass hump and flabby bass but I didn't really understand what they were trying to describe until I tried them on.   For me the bas almost feels like the sub your friend put in his crappy car that that made the doors rattle... it doesn't go quite deep enough but it makes a hell of a racket. Its...
So after a few shipping issues my MDR-1a's have arrived and they are well worth the wait. The earpads are deeper and wider that the inspirations and the headphones are much lighter so in the comfort stakes they are spot on.   In terms of sound I think they beat the pants off the inspirations. The sound stage is much wider, the clarity, detail and instrument separation are all better. The bass is a bit boomier but not to the point where it ruins the overall sound.The...
1 = 6.3mm 2 = SMC 3 = 3.5mm 4 = XLR
So I went with the MDR-1A. They should arrive tomorrow. I'll update the post after a bit of listening in case anyone is interested in how they perform.
Thanks guys, those will definitely stretch my budget, I'll have to try and find them on sale, unless you know where I can get a good deal on them. 
 All I need are some recommendations... maybe I should rephrase my question and say I want light, closed headphones with clamp force and sound profile similar to Monster inspiration with larger ear cups. Would that be more helpful?
I currently have Monster Inspirations (ANC) for the office. I like the sound profile however the shape of the earcups and their weight mean that after a few hours they become uncomfortable.   I mostly listen to music from my mobile phone with no amp (and would prefer to keep it that way although I do have a Fiio mont blanc i think its the e11).   Could anyone recommend a pair of headphones which would be good to wear all day in an office environment (eg closed full...
My IM70s were delivered this morning and I couldn't be happier with them. I'm no audiophile but I listen to a lot of music. My last two pairs of IEMs I've owned some brainwavz M2 and audiofly AF78. The soundstage is really good and they have good clarity. I quite like the vocals through these.   I would recommend picking them up as they are excellent value for money. I paid 129 AUD and prefer them over the more expensive AF78.
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