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My IM70s were delivered this morning and I couldn't be happier with them. I'm no audiophile but I listen to a lot of music. My last two pairs of IEMs I've owned some brainwavz M2 and audiofly AF78. The soundstage is really good and they have good clarity. I quite like the vocals through these.   I would recommend picking them up as they are excellent value for money. I paid 129 AUD and prefer them over the more expensive AF78.
This is my first headphone amp. It pushes my headphones that bit further. I don't think I'll be replacing it any time soon
Thanks for the advice. I'm not a big apple fan anyway. i went from a creative player to my smart phone then got the ipod for free.Thanks everyone for the advice.
My player has very basic settings (ipod nano) the treble boost doesn't do much. I also considered purchasing a new player. hear good things about cowan players. But the moment trying to spend little as possible. Would it be worth putting up with and getting a new player.
Hi guys. I'm a little new to iem's. I have picked up pair of brainwavz m2 and really like their deep punch bass the way they present mids, but i feel I'm missing something in the highs. I mostly listen hip hop and find high hat goes missing. I also listen to jazz and a bit of rock and dustep and find these much better than my beats ibeats. was considering camping them but I'm not sure this would help. Does anyone have any tips to getting a bit more in the way of...
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