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  We must have opposite ears then
I tried out the Beats Mixr a few days ago, they still sound mediocre compared to what you can get with the same price range.  The looks and that Dr. Dre is beast is what Beats have for them anyways.   I did own the Beats Studio (bought refurbished for $140) and those were pretty good, but not $300 good.
After receiving my D600 yesterday I will have to agree with the previous two posts.  The sound quality of these headphones are great, better than my Sennheiser HD598 in almost every category.     As to whether or not 128kbps music files will sound good or not on these phones, you will notice a deterioration of sound quality because of the low bit rate so if you can, try to avoid them.  And the difference between 256kbps and 320kpbs is very minimal that I can barely...
Lol might as well rename the thread to classic vs urban.  I really like both styles the same to be honest, but I'm 22 so the D7100 is my type of styled headphones.     However, if I were to be sitting down in my study room I'd be rocking the D7000.
    And maybe also edit your original post to say that you have not had hand on experience with the headphones.  I understand that you're an industrial designer, but reviewing something based upon pictures isn't something that I'm too fond of and I'm not sure that other people will also be fond of as well.
May I ask if you actually purchased these headphones and had hands on with them?   I'm just asking cause some of the pictures just seem to be pictures that I have seen before making me think they weren't taken by you.     Thanks for the review nonetheless :)
    I don't really see how these headphones look like the Beats, maybe it's cause they're trying to style for the 20 year olds that makes people think that.
Lol then you must not be driving Ferraris :-PSent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
Sure thing, they come in on Wednesday so I'll probably give a reply on Thursday
I just ordered a pair of D600's, I'll let you know how these fair out.  Though I don't have any experience with the Bose QC 15 as I'm coming from a Sennheiser HD 598
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