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Wow! I like how they all look so different.I'm thinking about getting the X1.Everything mentioned sounds promising.
Wow, that's a lot of useful information! Thank you for the post! I remember the X3 being powerful enough, but I didn't know if the X1 was.
How about 32 ohms?
So let me get this straight. The X1 is more for those with IEMs? Will others who don't use those need an amp? (headphones) Sorry, I just don't understand all of these technical terms that everyone uses. >.
I am guessing a no go for the akg k167. I was excited for them too... meh Wanted something similar to the sound, but durable..  
Now that is certainly good news. I cannot wait for it. If only I knew what all of that meant in perfect detail. I know the basic understanding. It can power up my Beyer DT770s :]
I am not so familiar with all of the specs, such as power and outage, but could you explain something to me? I was looking for an amp to power my beyerdyamic dt 770 pr 80 ohms (E11). You said that you might not even need an E12/amp because of the output. Would that me the case here as well to power these headphones? This is a done deal if that is true. I am still new to the specs on DAPs.
Wow x.xThat is really looking great! The specs are great! Dont know everything, but I am familiar with some if it. I'll look out for this one definitely. And the price isn't that bad! Maybe I'll shell out a few more dollars for it. I can't for impressions!
Thanks for the recommendation! I hate how all of the devices such as androids and iPods are dominating the market. I will have a look into it.
Hey Headfi! I have been recently looking into music sources, and figured if I should go portable or desktop. Considering the fact that I didn't really want to deal with a hassle like a computer to play music, I decided to just stay portable. So here is the rundown.   I am looking for a "portable' mp3 player that has around 4-8 GB. If there is more, than its fine. Nothing that dies too quickly. Great sound quality (anything than an apple product), could support a...
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