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Okay guys. After some research on the UE Triplefi10 and decided to get them. They look great and I hope it was a good investment and that it opens up a new world of sound for me. I also do look forward to getting them reshelled maybe within a month of having them. Thanks guys for telling me about the these IEM's. 
Okay guys. I looked up the triple fi's and at 160 dollars and 3 drivers per monitor sounds great already.I also looked up how much it would cost to get them remolded and is about 120 for the stuff I wanna do which isn't to bad. But I mostly like how I can do all that and still spend less than purchasing the shure se535 or westone w4. I will order them soon and maybe get them remolded within a month of having them since custom molds looks so cool and I defintely want to...
Well currently I am using Bose IE2's that I got for 50cents off an arcade game and about 1 month ago I looked online for some earbuds and came across the Shure SE535 and Westone W4 earbuds. The first thing I noticed was the price and was baffled as to why the cost so much and then looked into them and did research on them and read plenty of reviews saying that they are the best things since sliced bread. Anyways I got hyped and after that pledged to raise enough money...
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