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Posts by Saraguie I'm looking forward to the 10 hour plane ride tomorrow because I will listen to the Encore for most of that time!  Rock on!
Well said.
See my short and humble review.
Oh? What I miss?
Hehehehehe.......a RIM shot please!
The is called a marriage watch.  It is an Omega pocket watch that has been adapted into a skeleton wrist watch.  This one has a Masonic theme.       I learned about these right here in this thread from ExpatinJapan.... here is his post showing his beauty!
Just posted my short and humble Encore review.
Time to make room and let go (it's difficult) of these great IEMs as I don't use them any longer. Non-smoking home.  I mostly use IEMs on plane rides which means they are all lightly and very carefully used.  I am the original owner.   Noble K-10 C  Great condition, Noble's re-shell policy applies.  Comes with original cable & a balanced Ted Allen silver terminated for AK products cable is available for it, original box and all paperwork.  $1,250 obo  SOLD   FitEar...
I just finished an 8 hour session, on the plane ride home, with my new C-Encore.  I never thought I would say this statement again, "I heard sounds in the music which I had not heard before".  The music I have been listening to for 50+ years never sounded so good.  I thought with having TOL IEMs, the full size Audeze LCD-3, very good amps and dacs, lossless formats, and balanced cables for the last 5 years, that I had heard all that was there to hear.  I was pleasantly...
Originally Posted by doctorjazzMy one visit to the Second Avenue Deli was enjoyable, sorry others didn't feel the same (I used to eat there often when it was still on Second Avenue). I used to go to Katz add a kid; felt it went downhill add I get older. We can poll folks who tried Deli afterwards, see how people vote.2nd!!!!!
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