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This is by far the best solution. My Mojo came 2500 miles and was perfect. I still have the box, in case I am kicked out of the house and need a place to sleep :)
Never, ever plug an unbalanced headphone into a balanced out of any source. You can go the other way but never unbalanced into balanced.
When storing hi res music it is.
Really? How will I store my 328 Gigs of music? My iPhone 6+ only has room for 114gb and my AK240 has 375. AND the AK240 has a balanced out and the iPhone is not going to have one for years if ever. So, the iPhone is not a AK killer. Maybe some of the other DAPs but don't think so.
LOL......if barks like a dog...tis.
    Jason would you please comment or post a ink to read? I am just about to set up a WiFi chain at home with an Airport Express and my Mojo as parts of it. 
I'd really like to know too, please
Let me correct my post after reading what Ted found out from the N. American rep for Astel and Kern: "Best price I've seen and heard about. With the 128 card its a no brainer.....I think. to stay far away from this and any other non-factory authorized dealer. And for the record, I bought mine from Ted, and I would buy from him again even if he is more money because of the customer service he provides.
Best price I've seen and heard about. With the 128 card its a no brainer.....I think.
Was he at BB's?I saw him in Kailua, Hawaii, the town where the name that must not be spoken has taken his Xmas holiday since he has been president. I don't know of another concert (in my 33 years living here) other than bar bands ever playing in Kailua and this one was at a vacant store turned into a venue for the night.  I'm pretty sure that show has contributed to my permanent tinnitus.  Hey fellow Nu Yawker, take care of your ears man, cause they are the only pair you...
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