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  OMG lazy one thing, but blind too LOL.......thanks
Would you please post a link to new software and directions to install?  I'm just being lazy but it would be appreciated if you would. TY
I agree that Neil is OTT about MP3s loosing 60% (i actually think he says 90%:) of the sound...... P E R I O D end of discussion. We know that a 320 mps, well converted MP3 is good sounding.   I do think Pono is a good thing, and that the mass population (not headfiers and our ilk) have no clue about what they are missing, and that Pono is going to bring the message to a good part of them.   Therefore, Pono is a very good thing!    Having said that, I cannot see me...
The fairly new Scandisk 100% does.
 I'm usually an Apple fan boy ........and it took the A&K 120 to get me off iPods and ALAC. However, FLACK and higher rez rules.......and for me it is worth the occasional agro to get the better SQ and not have to carry more than one gear. Maybe once upon a time........95% of everything is compatible now. And head on over to the Audio~gd threads and see the problems they are having with Windows drivers. No complaints from any MAC users there only praises.
I am sorry to hear you are having this problem. You must use the USB cable that came with the AK240......other will charge it but will not transmit data.I use the right hand USB port. Occasionally I have to unplug and plug back in the AK to be recognized. It is not normal that the MBP and the AKs do not sync. There is either a hardware problem on one or both, or a software switch is off or faulty. I have transferred over 600 GB maybe 15 different times from MBP to...
Ted Allen is converting my cable as we speak. The NEW Headphone Lounge Thread. On moble cannot copy & paste link.
I have not listened to the 901 in with any internal amp for comparison.   For me, I do not find the AK240 fatiguing at all. In a few hours I to have fly home from East Coast USA to Paradise. All told I'll do about 12 hours worth of listening. 4 probably with the 334s the other 8 with the Miracles.  When the plane lands, most of the time, I am sad it's time to put away the music and deplane.
OMG, I used a link a few pages back here to get what I thought was the 1.40 update, it was actually a downgrade to 1.21     It's now 1.40.......took longer than all the other upgrades, I think I started at 1.32 which was on when I bought it, and upgraded to each new release.   Tomorrow, it will be interesting when I ask my wife if she notices any differences after she listens to it LOL.........wanna bet the answer is nope.
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