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I got it; absolutely will help.
Curious, how would that stop the cable from tangling?
Have you went into settings and turn off auto scan?
Do you use a MAC and the Android transfer program A&K points us too?
^^^^ She is also 21, not a schoolgirl and a pro. Great job of promoting herself.
Search the thread been discussed. Short answer No.
I just have to say, based on this post I thought you did not rate it very well. Is it only with low impedance IEMs?  Sorry for the confusion.
Jacone I use an all silver cable made by Ted Allen and like it a lot.  Here's a thread about him and his work.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/695297/the-new-headphone-lounge-thread
Rating from good to best ?
 I went to the data sheet and the word filter is mentioned 64 times. Some I think can be altered with software.  You'd think so......it would be the correct thing to do. This should not be a 'cable' type discussion. There are measurements that can be taken and people at the companies selling updatable products that can say whether a change affects sound. Chez you asked it also, has any manufacturer when releasing updates for DAPs stated a SQ change? Anyone know?
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