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I use Silver balanced and really like it. I did listen to 5 minutes of the standard cable that came with the K-10 so I really can't compare the 2. On my Miracle I did do A/B with the same type cable built by Ted, and could definitely tell the silver took the Miracle to a much better sounding place.
Early Noble days interview:
I'm mentioning this because I posted about how good a bass he is was and did not know it till I listened with my K-10s. RIP Chris Squire bass player extraordinaire...passed today from leukemia, age 67. Big player big loss. He was diagnosed 30 days ago......goes to show live everyday to the fullest and do not sweat the small things.
I have almost no problems the only persistent one is the first time I connect to my Mac, I get an error which says cannot read unplug and plug in. I do it works no problem both copying to and from the internal drive and the mini card. Early on I had a cable connect issue. It was a fault in the cable end of my balanced cable. I returned to the cable maker and he re sodered the plug correctly and no problems w either the balanced or the 3.5. In 100s of hours I maybe had to...
Here's a thread for you...... More people here like the AK240 than not.
+1 Right on Rico should have been my first suggestion.
For the MAC, is the Android program still installed and opens when you click on it?Try a different USB input.In Disk Utility do repair permissions.Check settings on the AK. I am in a car so cannot see what settings are available.All I can think of.Bon Chance, Steve
If I was home I'd go liberate them for you.
Listening for the first time with my K-10s from my MACbook, to YES on youtube......straight out no EQ or Audirvana, into a 3.5 adaptor into my balanced cables......unbelievable! I have never, to my loss, heard Chris Squire sound so brilliant!   And I'm in London and going to listen to all the Brit groups, ELP, King Crimson, Jethro Tull..etc!
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