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  Clarks Desert Treks. They are so comfortable.
What? I found the M50's isolating better than the Uptowns. If I were to carry them outside, I'd pick the M50's almost anyday. They're foldable and that's a huge plus. Especially if you live in an urban sprawl (I live in Hong Kong). It's just pointless to bring my Uptowns around with me unless I'm going....uptown. 
For my ears, it's M50 > Uptowns > 440. 
M50's, D2000's, A900x's, DT770's.    Yeah yeah, the M50's are 'overrated', but they're still good headphones.
Strangely, I never had this problem with the cable a lot of people talk about. Maybe I'm just lucky. I don't know.
I own both. Get the Q701's. Electronic isn't the 598's strongest point. Keep in mind though that the Q701's are a lot more expensive, though.
That happened to me before, too. And then a meteorite fell on the kid, and he died. It was funny.
They're not bad at all. Quite often I'm in the mood to use them over my K701s.    I really don't think it's worth getting an amp with it though. 
About half an inch.
Yeah, I don't find them irritating. There are obvious faults, but they're definitely not irritating. It's not like you'll go "Oh, the mids sound recessed, and it's seriously annoying!" I could go on describing the pitfalls in my 598's, K701's, etc. etc. But for all the cans I still own, none of their shortcomings are so negative that it interferes with my listening experience.    Yes, the headphones listed above are better headphones. But that doesn't mean the M50's...
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