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I've gone through 3 SE215, and 2 Klipsch S4 and they all ended up breaking within a month. I take good care of them (at least I think I do) and they all end up the same. Are there any GOOD durable ones out there that will last me a couple years? Have you guys heard anything good about jay bird blue bud x bluetooth? Anything under $200, the cheaper the better.
Looking to buy an IEM, max 200 bucks. I like the soundstage of the SE 215's, and would want something way better sounding, and obviously something durable as I replaced these 4 times in a year. Not sure if this is even possible, but are there any IEM that sound like the ATH-M50? obviously they're two different classes but just wondering if there are any IEM's out there lke that.
Nope, I treat them really well. The left ear always cuts out. The longest I've had a pair for was 6 months, shortest, under a month. Worst build quality.
Whatever you do DO NOT BUY THE SE215. They have amazing sound quality, however, their durability is horrific. I am currently on my fourth pair through warranty, they break with light use. Please do not buy them. 
Hey. I'm debating both of these. I've tried the M50. Long story short, my M50's broke (had it for almost a year) and Amazon issuing a full refund. I was going to get the 840's befroe the M50's but I opted for the Audio Technicas. I've been reading many reviews about comparisons but I have a few questions. What is the durability of the 840's like? I've went through several of Shures SE215's (which I love), though they keep breaking down. How is the build quality on the...
  I want something with the same sound signature as the shures, maybe a little better bass. I listen to rap, rock and pop.
I have the Shure SE215 and I'm sick of them breaking down on me. Are the high end versions better? (315, 425), in terms of the quality of sound, and in terms of not breaking. Are there any other IEM's that are better than the SE215 in terms of sound quality that hover around 200 dollars?
Selling brand new SE215 for $90  in Toronto, Canada, preferably in york/markham region or york university. Unopened, comes with return info for warranty. pickup only
Hey guys, i bought a pair of SE215 in september and it broke within that month. I've been trying to contact them since but I cant' get a hold of anyone to get a response. This is REALLY pissing me off because I paid 100 dollars for them and the left ear broke within the month i bought them. I bought them from Canada Computers and they couldn't give me a refund or anything. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Shure? I live in Canada.
Nope, I'm calling it as I heard it. Minimal difference between the two.
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