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Okay so now I'm running Viper4android, but have no idea how to use or get the best out of it, any tips / pointers? Hardware : Samsung s6 edge plus, SZ2000, oppo HA-2. Thanks!
Definitely not afraid to root! All my phones until my current one have been running custom roms so it's nothing new to me I'll check it out this weekend! I'm using a Samsung S6 edge +, first non HTC phone. The Battery is starting to get a bit poo so I may pick up an LG v10, or see what next year's models offer.4-5 hours is unfortunate, good thing I have a battery pack to charge it on the go. Are you using an HA-2 @chillaxing?So I couldn't handle the wait and decided to...
This is from inside Spotify on Android? Poweramp @Startreker I purely use mine out and about, so I'll likely never use a hardware equalizer for mine .. My home listening setup is a $15,000 Paradigm speaker setup with a Yamaha amplifier and two Velodyne SPL1200 ultra subwoofers
It's one hell of an amp!! I'm not too fussed about battery life as 8 hours is enough for me, and if I go on a long outing I take a 10,000mah quick charger for my phone and the amp I'm running Android, so should I look at installing Viper4android (rooting my phone isn't an issue)?
The amp is an Oppo ha-2,its a dac/amp..Can a few people share their poweramp / Spotify EQ? I can't see a pre-amp volume in Spotify, maybe I'm missing something? Or is that just the phone volume level.I'm new to EQ'ing [IMG][IMG][IMG]
I do, a pair of Yamaha Pro 500's which I can use .. but I don't have a spare amp to hook up for 200 hour burn-in however :-( I guess I will just have to use my Yamaha's without an amp for 10 days? :(
@olddude Thanks! I'm looking forward to being a member ;)   @Pharmaboy   Damn I did the pad swap already, managed to figure it out after watching youtube video - I don't think I'm going to bother putting back to stock just for the burn-in. Surely its not that much extra compression? :-)   Burn-in I'll create a folder with mp3's (flac actually!) and perform your burn-in steps with a spare laptop I can setup and leave in...
Any tips for replacing the headphone pads? Never done it before!
Christmas time everyone!!! Jvc SZ2000 Oppo HA-2 DAC/Amp HM5 replacement pads What's the best way to do a 30+ hour break in?
Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to EQing some vibrations to the skull
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