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i buyed it on amazon..
Jordan 11 concord..or VI black infrared..a must.
hi dude.. how much only alo rx mk2? cheers.. (i'm fan jordan shors too
alo amp is it to sale too?
WTB Alo Audio National (black) in mint or like new condition,complete set (original box,straps,charger).. Cheers.
dude,how much for V800??
no dude,only to sell.. thanks again.
WTS my Sennheiser HD25 II,like new,mint condition,recabled cardas,original box and cable. i ask 140€.Shipping and paypal included . Cardas 4x24 Copper Litz Cable Cardas cable is used by professionals and audiophiles alike for the creation of custom cables such as XLR cables and high quality interconnects. It features four spiral bound 24 AWG teflon insulated copper wires. This spiral binding and teflon shielding help to reduce interference between channels. Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: