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ultimate price dropped 650€..
 Hi. How long? cheers.
Bump price drop again
Bump and price drop.
BUMP..price droped..
WTS my Violectric V200 HPA,mint condition,i'm first owner,100 hours use..Great sounding (tube signature) with: Audeze LCD2;3,LCD X;XC. HiFiman HE-400;HE-500;HE-4;HE-5,HE-6. Sennheiser HD-800;650;600. The HPA V200 was developped with the target to enable ultimate transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones. Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the HPA V200 fulfils...
BUMP and Price drop
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