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Hey all Anyone have good recommendations for Bluetooth/NFC over/on-ear headphones with mic under 150$?  I am looking for a pair to use at work and then also be able to use with my android or iphone mobile phones.   thanks.
Asymmetrical all the way!! So versitile to use when you just want the ear buds to hang around your neck when not in use!
I've been using asymetrical earbuds for years and I love em, but it looks like the audio world doesn't. :( My fave have been the Sennheiser  Sennheiser CX300B and its predecessor the CX300B II. 2days ago my CX300B II pair broke and desparate to get my hands on another pair of asymetrical earbuds. I know the the Sennheiser earbuds are great, but are there any others out there that are asymetrical?!!?   HELP!
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