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Not a bad review :D Was glad there was at least one review of these purities since there's hardly none of them :( but how are the headphones now after burn-in? do they sound much better?   
Would you guys consider the Monster Jamz having a V-Shaped sound? 
I know this post is nearly a year old but yeah, just bought these supertips today and was dissapointed because the gels and foams sounded really good if jammed into your ears, but they were just too big and only the small eartips worked best for me. Thought stock ones were better. 
These types of sounds always relate to most reviews here but not sure what they mean. Can someone help?
How does a V-shaped sound, sound? Like is it very narrow? or...
Thanks guys for the suggestions but yeah, most of the headphones you guys suggested are really not available in NZ. Sadly, only beats, monsters in ears, sennheisers and other mainstream brands are sold. But i think I might be leaning towards the Tracks HD, since its also going within my budget.  
Hi there,   I'm a pretty noob head-fier and just started getting into the world of audio and just wondering out of these 3 headphones, which ones should I get?:   - Monster Inspiration (also considered the Purities) - SOL Republic Tracks HD - Beats Studio HD   I know i've read everywhere that these headphones might be a full of crap/ overpriced headphones and that there are better ones such as Shures or Klipsch etc. but i really just want good looking...
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