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Thanks for the recommendation, someone else recommended them here as well but i'll keep looking around. I also dont have the widest range of audio brands here as well.  
Great review! thanks!
Thanks guys, those were really helpful replies. And sorry for the spelling mistake, i did mean lossless but somehow wrote lossy?. Then how about converting High quality YouTube music vids into FLAC format? would that preserve the quality of the music? 
Hey guys,   Just wondering, would the quality of the music be the same or be better if you convert MP3 128kbps music to FLAC with a higher encoding rate? Because most of my music are in the MP3 formats and I learned that FLAC is a lossy format which is much better, same as Apple lossless. Also, would it be better if you convert high quality YouTube videos into FLAC? Would that make a difference?
Please do :) 
Hmm, compared with the inspirations, which one do you think it's better?  
Hmm.... I just hope they completely fix the recessed mids and dont put overwhelming bass in them...
Have you guys seen the new SOL Tracks Ultra?
Please do so :) could you also do the Purities?
Not a bad review :D Was glad there was at least one review of these purities since there's hardly none of them :( but how are the headphones now after burn-in? do they sound much better?   
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