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Would have been nice if I had gotten what I actually ordered. Now I probably have to wait another 3 weeks for him to send me the right stuff !!!
Be very careful ordering pads from Yifei_Wang. I placed my order Sep.13 and got them Oct.4. Order 2 different pairs ATH-SJ5 and a pair of velour ESW9 ES7 FC7 Headphone pads all for the 500's. When I opened up the package none of what I ordered I had 10 very cheap looking headphone pads that I am not sure what they fit. Can take pictures if you guys are interested. Very disappointed and so far out 28 bucks. I have sent him a message.
Hello all,   Proud to say I have read all pages of this thread and after only reading about I would say 6 different pages randomly I pulled out my card for both the cans and the ATH leather (or something) earpads. Well I got the cans today when I got home from a trip and have been burning them since 9PM with the bass link in the second post of this thread. My plan is to leave them burning till I leave on Tuesday morning for another 4 day trip and plan to take them...
Very excited to get this as it will be my first headphone amp and DAC. I am looking forward to pairing this with my iHP-120(64GB SDXC mod running RB) and Ety ER-4P/S. Plan to use this setup while flying to work several times a month. Heard from Purrin that the DAC is just ok so I probably will eventually pickup DacPort LX as it seems to be the one to get. But I think and hope it is a good start to better audio.
Yes I did order 2 627's and dip tweezers.
Nick sent me a message today and I have a set of AD8610ARZ on their way and I purchased from Mouser last night the 627. Now I want to go purchase the DacPort LX and Senn Amperiors and I think I would be done with my new setup.
Hey Guys,   Where are people getting the AD8610ARZ Op Amp as I can't seem to find that one on the mouser website. I to have sent Nick several emails and never made contact and got the click n ship email tonight. Looking forward to this with my ER-4P/S and iHP-120 (upgrade to 64GB) so excited !!!
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