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Yeh, not a big fan of waiting :P. Might have to just go with addicted, still have to wait for them to get the 80 ohms back in stock though :\.
Hmmm, I would prefer it to be a bit bassier. Also talking about amps, I'm a bit conflicted. The e7 seems to be great for use with my laptop (Macbook Pro) for music but I also intend to use these headphones for gaming; because of this I'm thinking about the Recon3D as it's good for gaming and I can hook it up to my Xbox. However, I'm not sure if the Recon3D is any good for music, would you happen to know anything about it?
That sucks, might have to go addicted audio then. Should I wait for the 80 ohms to come back in stock or would the 250 ohms be ok? Don't know a whole lot about the difference just the the higher the ohms the 'crisper' (?) the sound but they won't be as loud… not too sure on this lol.
Which seller, Music123? and how long did it take? Mates have said it takes around a month o_O.
Was just looking there, $60 more than amazon though  and they're sold out of the 80 ohm version :(. 250 would be very weak without an amp wouldn't it?
Damn lol
Wouldn't happen to know where to get dt770's in Aus that aren't ridiculously priced?
Anyone know somewhere to get a pair of dt-770's from in Aus? I'm up in the NT and looking at getting a pair, however, what I have found has been ridiculously overpriced ($300 when it's $190 on Amazon) and would like to get them from somewhere in Australia so I don't have to wait a month to get them from the US.
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