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Phanom replied me before, actually no need turn to max volume.  I tried turn it to max volume via single ended then connect to my amp before.It make the sound of sine curve get clip off.Phanom suggest me lower the volume and try. 
Phanom replied me before: 
I have this experience before when travel in japan. I leave it there a day in hotel without charging. Then i try charge it next day, it work.
 Hi AL,Can you please share your impression between hugo and r10 : ) Thanks!
I asked 1964 a year before, they cant reshell TG334 .
Just collected last month (April 14) via Jaben Malaysia.   Comes in the original packaging, jaben receipt, everything else is in mint condition and play perfect. I will free a pair Spin-Fit ear tip (medium size) which bought from Hong Kong.   - SOLD -
Glad to see this thread : ) Still waiting my int+ delivery.. Mind to share your impression first ? Thanks!
Hope you can get it there : ) You can check my profile for gear info. before i study the one there.
 Sunway Pyramid -  Daiso there got sell rubber band, white and black color option / medium and large size option.  before i buy from there to tie my dx100 + rx mk3. 
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