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Thanks Bro.Problem gone after removed the tempered glass.
I got same issue like some dx200 user here. Virtual taps and auto swipes on the screen. How to fix it?
Up for sale is my whiplash TWAU - Fitear cable with AK 2.5mm TRRS mini balanced jack. Cable work perfect and almost mint condition. Fitear transparent Pin Connector replaced by Japan E-earphone with Oyaide silver soldering.  *Suitable use for Fitear IEM & Custom IEM series. ( Fitear 334, Fitear MH334, Fitear MH335DW etc.)     Official Info:     Price includes EMS Express...
 Yes, it works. Thanks bluesnote =)
Hi guys,   How to transfer audio file to DX200 or Micro sdcard without take out the card ? When i connect the dx200 to my win7 pc, it didn't popup any window for putting the file.   It only appear a DX200 icon in window explorer.
Up for sale is my RWAK100S, Astel&Kern AK100 modded by Red Wine Audio.   Mint condition. Keep very good care.   New front screen protector film installed.   Please note: You needs a amp to pair with RWAK100S before listen it.   *Photo will upload later.   Package includes: - RWAK100S - Micro USB Cable - 2 unit of Dust Cap - Original Box     Price include EMS Express shipping fee. EMS Express come with tracking number.   I will cover paypal fee.
Up for sale is Fitear 007 cable with oyaide straight 3.5mm mini jack. Like new condition.   Purchased from Fujiya Avic in Japan this january.   Item Info:     Price includes EMS Express shipping with tracking, I will cover paypal fee.
Up for sale is my black version Algorhythm Duet.Everything is in good working condition.Tiny scratch beside headphone out.One of the most beautiful amps I have ever owned.Package includes:- Algorhythm Duet- Micro USB Cable & Charger- Free 1 unit Copper Interconnect Cable- Original box Official Spec:  Price includes EMS Express shipping with tracking,I will cover paypal fee.
Up for sale is my Hibino HDP-R10.Everything is in very good working condition.New front tempered glass and back cover protector film installed. Just some dent in left border side.I already place a waterproof matte black sticker to hide the dent part.The sticker look match and nature will overall body. ( check last 3 picture. ) Official Spec Info: Package includes:- Hibino HDP-R10 DAP- Hibino HDP-R10 Original Screen...
 Replied, bro.
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