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Just sold my ms-ak100, no use it anymore,Very mint condition and fully functional. Package includes:- The International+ (Black Color)- Micro usb OTG cable- 3 unit amp straps- Micro USB - USB A cable- Original Box
I am selling my ms-ak100 that is 5 months old. Very mint condition and work perfect. Package includes: - MS-AK100 (32GB / Black color) - Original Micro USB cable - Original Front screen protector film - Original Box - FREE Mezzohifi 3.5mm TRRS TO RSA adapter(Silver plated copper) - FREE Iriver leather flip case   - SOLD -
Finally received your mail , thanks!
Hi tigzstudio.When you will ship out my adapter ? (Order ID: #862)I wait almost 3 week time. I sent email twice but never reply me.Please show me your  good customer service.Thanks! 
Yes you right : )I already throw it.Just keep the box and pouch for other purpose use.
Glad to see that ease case can fit your 240 very nice : )I also received my black color croc case from easecase last week,It look very nice but unlucky no fit my 240 very well, very tight when try put 240 into the case, the case frame peel out my screen protector and damage the corner of screen protector, the worst thing is micro usb hole no in proper position. grr.. 
Im selling my ray samuel The Intruder amplifier / dac because seldom use it after bought ak240. Very mint condition, look totally like new and film protector installed in front/back side when first day received this amp.More important thing is play perfect.Come with offcial 3 years warranty. (Just used 7 months now, still left 2 years more+ warranty.)Package includes: - The Intruder amplifier / dac (Silver color)- Original Pouch- Original Charger- Original Box -SOLD- I...
Yeah.. Hdp-r10
enjoy music... enjoy life...
my bro new toy : )
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