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Guys, please beware of this person (archeryc). After two months, I still havent received my purchase and get back my refund.   He always give many changed stories and seldom reply me after he received my payment. He still ask me throw money to buy his TH-900 if interested since his last reply (2 weeks before). I request him refund the money to me but he missing again.
1.2 meter SAEC PCOCC-A Fitear TRRS Cable Suitable use for Fitear 334, Fitear Melomane, Fitear ciem etc Official Info: Item Condition: Received this January, extra new unit , opened and tested, trrs plug work perfect with my AK240 +$25 Ship worldwide via EMS Express from Malaysia.
5ft  Moonaudio Silver Dragon v3 headphone cable  (RSA male connector) for Mr Speaker Alpha Dog Headphone. i will free Mezzohifi rsa > 3.5mm mini jack adapter. Official Info: Sold my alpha dog headphone, plan to sell this cable too. Cable condition top notch, 3 months old, no scratch, clean and keep very good care. Will upload picture soon. +$25 Ship worldwide via EMS Express from Malaysia.
 better dynamics than HM901 ?@_@ seriously this firmware so powerful ?
ak240 new firmware 1.17 released : p
Nice~! love that color mood :D
Interested to purchase Fitear Cable 005. If you plan to sell it, please PM me. Thanks.
Ok, Thank You : )
Anyone know Hibino contact email ? thanks
Just purchased it last week.Seriously very nice sound, but a bit big size.. no so portable for me when go office <--> homePlan to let it go.. My unit is new version silver color chord hugo.Come with all related original accessories: - Tiny Coaxial Adapter- Optical cable- Optical > optical 3.5mm cable- Micro USB cable- USB Pendrive (Driver Inside)- Rubber Strap- Charger ( UK plug )- Original Box Condition extremely like new, no scratch, clean and keep very good care. *Sold 
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