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For starters, I suggest you don't really go for any portable amps. (as they can be bloody expensive at times) Plug-and-play is the way to go.   I suggest the Audio Technica M50, really sweet for its price. And it's really flat/neutral IMO   As for the source, I suggest you use your Galaxy Tab (as it is android [androidfanboy]) and play music on it with some app which allows you to meddle with the equalizer. I use Poweramp, there's a free trial for it. There was...
I have the EQ700, it's not bad but, I can't say it's very good either. The portability is top notch and the sound is so-so (unless you're a basshead) but the build quality is less promising, especially with those thin and fragile looking cables (it seriously looks like I can cut the cables with my fingernails, lol). I used it to listen to classical and orchestral, the sound was quite crisp if not for the lack of padding which inhibits noise reduction from the outside....
Quite strange how I used to download (actually, it wasn't me downloading it) and watch everything that's airing. At first, I don't know why I watched anime. I don't know what I was looking for in them. But somehow... yeah, now I just watched what I deem as 'good'.
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