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Any sign/ETA of the FLC Celeste yet?
Just got to say this. I have never really got the whole 'streaming' thing. Having a large music collection on my AK380 ever since it came out I have never seen the need.   Now, after updating to 1.4 I thought I would give Tidal a try. I think having it conveniently built into the player changes everything for me. It is quite expensive (£19.99 a month), but listening to it now whilst sitting in my home office, I am feeling quite happy streaming music from bands that I...
I don't.
 So, person who has posted 4 times: In what way is the sound quality now terrible? I have FW1.4, it sounds the same as 1.32. What changes do you hear?
 No. That is not saying that Tidal is coming in the next firmware upgrade as you speculated. All it means is that Tidal will be coming at some indeterminate point in the future. Where does Jude (not even A&K) say that the next firmware update will have Tidal support? I think I must have missed it.
And what source do you have for this please?
 Yes, I did. The 8s were amazing for the price - I mean amazing. In the brief time I had with the Celestes I was blown away. The Celestes had an amazingly coherent rich sound - much better than the Noble Katana IMHO. Good bass, mids and highs - Jude thought they may have a dip in the sibilance band to make them sound sweeter but they still sounded incredible. They had excellent detail (I was hearing things that I hadn't noticed before). They had a wise sound stage. I...
Has a great time - really good venue.   Two things stood out for me.   Sennheiser Orpheus 2: Had an audition - perfect sound, no faults - want one!   FLC IEMs - never heard of these guys before but was instantly smitten by their sweet sounding IEMs. The FLC8s sounded amazing for the price, and the Celeste prototype were even better. I would never normally think about getting an IEM with so many adjustments, but they sounded so good. The celeste were better than my...
Really looking forward to this. BUT, more importantly, How do I get my Canjam London 2016 badge?  :-)
 All sorts of music: Rock (Rob Zombie, Rush, Heart etc...), classical (Dvorzak, Beethoven etc...), world (Dead Can Dance, Afro Celt Sound System etc...), hard acid techno from the late 80's early 90's, electro from the late 90's, EBM, Krautrock, folk - the list goes on. Very eclectic :-)
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