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 Err, 'AK products have A reputation for being noisy'? Care to back that up with evidence? My AK240 plus balanced SE846 is completely silent - COMPLETE INKY BLACK SILENCE!  You have listened to an AK240 right? Did you actually hear any hiss?
 The HUGO is a DAC, not DAP so you can't just compare them directly.
 This is awesome! My AK240 can now stream from my NAS running Minimserver. So it must be fully uPnP compliant. WOW!
 So version 1.15 is available - can you find the release notes anywhere? 
  What makes you think that?
 Wow. I have found their customer service to be excellent. And I think a lot of other people have too.
 So, what happens if you audition an AK240 and like it enough to buy it? Does that mean your opinion is no longer valid? Wouldn't that apply to all things ever purchased, and so, with your reasoning,only people who have never bought an item can have valid opinions about it?
 "but I'd personally rather not give AK my money and would rather give it to a company like FiiO" - Why?
 "The killer DAP" - hmmm, I believe that has yet to be confirmed in any manner - might be true (whatever that means), might be false.
 WOW! I am impressed...
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