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I'm going, can I have a badge please :-)
Have these been released in the UK yet?
 Could be, maybe they'll release a version without the DAC - that would be cool.
 Cool, where do you live?
Maybe they'll release a pair with just an amp and no DAC - a bit cheaper, or a better amp??? Who knows - BTW is any one aware of any place in the world that actually has them in stock?
Just spoke to Shure Distribution in the UK and they now say that the KSE-1500's won't be released world wide until May. WOW! Apparently the first small batch was an accidental leak!   Talk about vapourware :-(
It's really depressing living in the UK where there is absolutely zero stock of these IEM's :-( Shure themselves don't even know when they are going to arrive...
Thanks for that input guys. Shure are a very strange company when it comes to release...
Where did you all buy your KSE-1500's from.   Spoke to Shure distribution UK about them today, and was told very clearly that absolutely nobody anywhere in the world should have any in stock yet.   I told the Shure person that this was just like the SE846 release where Shure UK denied availabilityanywhere in the world when I had already bought my pair in Japan. He said it was not like that at all and that there had not been any leak of KSE-1500's.   So, where did you...
 Yes it was the Blue Hawai - totally loved the sound :-) Imagine a hugo with builtin KSE1500 electrostatic output - hmmmmm. Or A&K make an AK380 amp that supports them. Would be so nice if they all played together (except for my poor abused wallet that is). Or Shure should just release an amp section for the KSE1500 without the DAC...
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