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Volumio can be controlled from uPnP control point (bug ticke in the box that) but it also has a nice web interface for local storage (if you have it) - and yes I am running it headless.
OK, so not strictly 'head-fi', but rather than use a mac mini I have started using a raspberry pi running 'Volumi' to feed the Hugo - so far an incredible combination!
Hi all,   got my Black Chord Hugo today - its very cool, and sounds pretty stunning.   Are there any hints and tips anywhere for getting the most from this when connecting it to a mac mini over USB.   I would like to completely convert my mac mini to an HD media centre but am having issues getting DSD (dff files) to stream to the Hugo. What software do people recommend for doing this? Is there something like Plex/XMBC that supports HD music...
 I have noticed no sound quality change either.
Unfortunately Qobuz have terrible financial problems - so it might all be very short lived :-( Lets hope not
 I have AK240 with SE846's using a balanced TWAg v3 cable - OMG! I recommend moving to balanced. The AK240 is even more amazing then - seriously.
 Err, 'AK products have A reputation for being noisy'? Care to back that up with evidence? My AK240 plus balanced SE846 is completely silent - COMPLETE INKY BLACK SILENCE!  You have listened to an AK240 right? Did you actually hear any hiss?
 The HUGO is a DAC, not DAP so you can't just compare them directly.
 This is awesome! My AK240 can now stream from my NAS running Minimserver. So it must be fully uPnP compliant. WOW!
 So version 1.15 is available - can you find the release notes anywhere? 
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