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looking into getting a turntable soon.  I am quit liking the look of the audio technica 1240.  I don`t need any of the DJ features but I like the metal and aesthetic.  I know some have complained about the preamp and not being able to bypass it.    Also like the Pro-ject Carbon but the painted MDF bothers me.  I used to work in a cabinet shop and I have seen old mdf doors with peeling paint and such.  Not sure if I should be concerned about using it in a turntable or...
Grado RS1i. Condition 8/10. Bought these off another forum member and haven't used them very much so I suppose it's time to move them. 500 obo paypaled and shipped.
I have never played through a fender Mustang.  For after hours playing I usually use my Grado SR80i's.  had some 100$ Sony something or others that sounded good to.  I would recommend the Vox amplug.  I have the AC30 but I think they make a twin version for simulating fender cleans.  My fuzz and overdrive sound okay through the model but nothing like the real thing through my amp.  I wouldn't get high expectations for this kind of thing unless you want to invest in axe...
Any place that offers coupons for hifiman?
Any good stores for headphones in or around Palm Springs?  
Have you owned both? What puts it in a different class? Or is that a dumb question?
You have both in you sig. How would you compare them?
How to these compare? I have a pair of Grado RS1i's that I love for rock but I have been listening to some more bass heavy music lately. I have tried the HE-400's out about a year ago and loved the amount of sub bass. I don't live anywhere near a place that sells headphones like this. So any input would be great. If I could get away with spending 150 instead of 400$ that would be great or would I be missing a lot?
I listened to the Hifiman's in a store last summer when I was headphone shopping.  Came away with the Grado RS-1's(used from another member here) which pretty much killed the Hifimans for rock music I was listening to.  Now I am streaming the new Atoms for Peace album and wishing I could be listening to the Hifiman's.  They had bass like I have never heard before in a headphone. I loved them for this type of music but would not trade the RS-1's for them.  I guess there...
Yeah they are the Aviation ones Just was feeling bad for Bose by all of the beat downs they were getting. So I thought I'd bring up something they are good at.
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