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Has anyone tried these ear pads?
Oh thanks, I'll hold off on purchasing one until I can find someone who has made it work.
Has anyone just used the Lightning to 30pin connector plug amd then to the Fiio old cord? Who is using a dac with an iOS device? And how did you make it work?
I go through phases. Most of the time I am over at discussing guitar effect sounds but when I get tired of that I come here. Had a pair of RS-1i's for awhile but sold them to fund some gear purchase. Well I bought some grado 325e's yesterday and I am liking them as much as I remember liking the rs1i's. Maybe even more because I like taking my headphones when I travel and the rs1i's seemed less practical for that. I am using an iphone5s and a fiio e11. ...
Anyone still enjoying this combo?
looking into getting a turntable soon.  I am quit liking the look of the audio technica 1240.  I don`t need any of the DJ features but I like the metal and aesthetic.  I know some have complained about the preamp and not being able to bypass it.    Also like the Pro-ject Carbon but the painted MDF bothers me.  I used to work in a cabinet shop and I have seen old mdf doors with peeling paint and such.  Not sure if I should be concerned about using it in a turntable or...
Grado RS1i. Condition 8/10. Bought these off another forum member and haven't used them very much so I suppose it's time to move them. 500 obo paypaled and shipped.
I have never played through a fender Mustang.  For after hours playing I usually use my Grado SR80i's.  had some 100$ Sony something or others that sounded good to.  I would recommend the Vox amplug.  I have the AC30 but I think they make a twin version for simulating fender cleans.  My fuzz and overdrive sound okay through the model but nothing like the real thing through my amp.  I wouldn't get high expectations for this kind of thing unless you want to invest in axe...
Any place that offers coupons for hifiman?
Any good stores for headphones in or around Palm Springs?  
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