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m50's are SOOOOO OVEPRICED here in our country
Thanks, i go find some reviews about them now..
The Grado SR80i is really my top choice. But its a bit hard to find a dealer/reseller here in our country (and if I find some its a bit overpriced. AND im only a student)  any other recommendations (somewhat brands that are easier to find) e.g Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, AKG
I listen to a lot of rock, some techno and soft rock, I prefer headphones with a nice midrange and very good and detailed vocals. any recommendations?
Anyone here from the Philippines know where I can get them?
OH, and one last question what cushion does the SR80i comes with?
Thanks, do I have to shampoo them?
How about the comfort issues on grado headphones? how do I manage that?
Those cans are very open right?
    Thanks, i'll consider those
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