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yah im in the philippines, and I'll still get the grados for that price., Since they are open headphones i'll probably use them for home, any suggestion for headphones i can bring outside which balances both good looks and sound quality (im only 13 so you'll understand that i want nice looking headphones to use outside) and i tried beats studio and solo before and i don't like the sound they produce BASS IS MUDDY AND OVERPOWERING.AND THEY ARE JUST FASHION STATEMENT FOR...
Thanks, I think the grado sr80i is pretty good (based on what i red on reviews)  but in our country its priced around Php 6000 (140-160$ i think)  do you have any other headphones to suggest?
Does the grado have a better midrange?and will it sound better with an amp?
But which haves a better midrage? The denon or grado? And the one that haves a clearer and more detailed vocals?
Thank for your reply, btw how do they sound? in terms of soundstage, bass, highs, and most importantly the mid? which headphone sounds cleaner and more detailed?
I want to find a good entry level headphone. Which one of them is better?, And I listen to Rock, some techno and soft rock
why do people sounded so negative when AKG collaborated with Dj Tiesto? Honestly Tiesto is a GREAT DJ (no, im not a big fan of his. but i just like his music) not when Justin Bieber collaborated with *cough* cough* beats cough* which is Obviously just an overpriced necklace (i mean headphones.. but 12 yr old kids use them like that) i pretty sure they won't AND NEVER end up sounding like beats ( and btw AKG choose who they collaborate with.. Quincy Jones and now DJ...
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