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Is this headphone good for rock?
I primary listen to a lot of rock, alternative, some techno and soft rock. can someone recommend me a good headphone in this price range? I don't really want lots of bass, What really matters to me is getting a very clear midrange
When you can't stop promoting brands like sennheiser , grado etc.. and you enjoy bashing beats
lol, this can's will slowly transform me into an audiophile. glad that even though im only 13, im not fooled by celebrity endorsed headphones (Fashion accessories)... Thanks guys :)
Thanks :), due the fact that the grado is very open I think i'll buy both cans. I think the grado has a better midrange that the uptown. but I think its perfect (The Grado) if I only use them at home because they leak a LOT of sound (coz they are open). and the Uptown is good for portable use. and because they cancel noise it also have a better bass, So i'll just use the grado for home. and the uptown for portable use.
Thanks :)
Im having a hard choosing between this two headphones, and I think I should get the philips because it's priced cheeper in our country (and the grado is a bit overpriced) but I want to spend my money for the best sounding headphones of the two. Can someone compare them in terms of: Bass Lows Mids (the most important for me) High Soundstage Comfort and durability
Thanks, im adding the philips uptown on my top choices :) btw have you ever tried the philips SHP 5400?
Im fine if they are open. but how's the sound especially the midrange? are vocals crisp sounding?
Which one is best and gives a more detailed and rich sound?
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