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aren't they bass monsters? i don't like TOO MUCH BASS, what really matters for me is the mid range (coz im gonna use them for relaxing) btw, have you ever tried the Westone UM1?
Thanks for your recommendation, I'll find some reviews later on these
Heya!, Im finding some good Bang for the Buck! IEMs, i primary listen to rock, some techno, soft rock..., The primary use for the IEMs is while im relaxing (or sleeping) so they must be very comfortable..... Thanks in advance guys
They are on my list, but I red that they sound very similar to the SR80i.btw If I find an Alessandro at a cheaper price i'll really get them
My mind is completely set on buying the SR80i then I saw this Sennheisers on sale on amazon, I really want to spend my money on the best that I can get.. so which one is better in terms of bass, mids <--(this especially) , and highs. BTW i primary listen rock, classical, soft rock
Will The Fiio e11 work with this device? anyone ever tried it?
You had a bad day, then when you got home the first thing you did was listen to your headphones
how do the superlux compare to the grados? in terms of bass, mids, highs, soundstage...
I prefer full sized (though not that really big), I don't care if they fold, I just really want to get a good sound quality on the Go without disturbing others (yeah i need closed headphone)
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