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Sure, I'll check the HD 558. If I can find a good price. As headphones from where I am are not cheap. And last question. How does that HD 558 compare to the 595? As they are very similar. Sorry for the tons of questioning.
Sure. If I can audition some I might like them. Right now, I'll add them to my list. Thanks for your suggestion.
Since you have heard the 5x8 series. Can the 518 go against the 598 in terms of sound? Since the 598 is 2x the price. Do I get 200% increase in performance? And lastly, Are the pads replaceable on these headphones?
I apologise I didn't mean to be offensive. The Bose that I tried are around $350 So I assume that they are the better cans from Bose. I have only tried their iems which IMHO aren't worth the price. Although I agree with you that the decision is really from our OWN experience.
Thanks again for the reply. I'm really interested in the Sennheiser HD 5x8 line. But, Have you tried the HD 555?
Doesn't Bose have a bad reputation? I have tried some upper tier Bose and It didn't do well for me.
Your responses are appreciated. @Rem0o Can you compare the HD 555 and HD 518 in terms of sound and comfort? And is the HD 518 as comfortable as the 558?
A Good day folks! I'm in need of cans that posses these qualities; warm, thick and natural. I currently own the Superlux HD 668b which I like but I find a little too thin and cold. I'm leaning towards the sennheisers. I dont like, well, hate too much bass and too much treble either. Budget is $150. And I cant find used cans.
These two are (strictly) my only choices. As headphones from where I am. Are quite expensive and it's hard to find used headphones.
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