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Hi again guys! Im looking for a nice set of cans for outdoor use. I mainly listen to Rock, mostly punk, some techno. And it must also isolate well (really need it for isolation) and must be comfortable (and durable!) thx in advance
Guys im from the philippines, and they only have one distributor here (which sadly overprices them) and for the ms1. is it 100$ shipped? but what about the taxes here....  
Heya guys, just searching for headphones that are good substitute for grados (coz an sr80i here would cost as high as 200$) I listen mainly on rock, some techno and soft rock and the mid range is very important for me I also prefer Open headphones and my budget is 150$ thanks in advance!
Thanks :)
Hey guys! found this how to make a usb dac work on the nexus 7   CHEERS :)
Oh my apologies, I mean the mod when you remove the grill cloth, and you poke holes onto it
Should i do this mod on SR225i?
which one (in your opinion) is better?
aren't they bass monsters? i don't like TOO MUCH BASS, what really matters for me is the mid range (coz im gonna use them for relaxing) btw, have you ever tried the Westone UM1?
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