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Cheapest i found new online was 420$ shipped Looking for cheaper If i cannot find this in the next week ill just buy new
In order: W1000x W5000 W3000 W3000anv if i get crazy deal Please pm price and condition Thank you
Yes . . . . . . . . Mainly interested in those Beyer t5p Ultrasone ed8 Lawton audio d2000 d5000 Audio technica 2000art 3000 5000 Or Bookshelf speaker Quad 11L classic Totems Dynaudio Epos epic 2 Would also consider Audeze 2 Hle 5 woodie Magnum v4 woodie K550+ Up to 360$ and a 125 hours of use (including 96 hours burn in with pink noise) Bronze Shure Se535v With all the accesories and package
Will add up to 350$ for the right item
If some one want to split the cost id buy the amp
shure se535 V Bronze Model http://bit.ly/TPTbA1 As long as i dont have bids i Will take trades And Head fier buy it now = 329$
Choices so far Tralucent t1 brand new Ttvj Pico portable amp
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