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 This is just to let you know that Soren_Brix kindly examined the Sigma for me. He recommended Julez to repair them, which he did. He recoated the left driver and glued it together. I'm now enjoying my Sigma like never before. Thank you guys! 
 Thanks, but I bought these a couple of years ago, and I have been very happy with them until a month ago. It looks like I will need to either pay someone to repair them or I will sell them as they are.
 Good idea, but unfortunately there is none available in my area.
 Which one is that?  Unfortunately, I have no other energizer or Stax Sigma to test with.... what a pity.
 Thanks, but it did not help.  I purchased these via eBay for something like $450, they are not the Pro version. They have worked great until a month ago when the imbalance issue started.
I have an old Stax Sigma, connected via the energizer SRD-7.   I recently discovered a channel imbalance. The right/left proportion is something like 70/30.   Changing amp did not help.   I also noticed that the SRD-7 does not change the sound when powered on. If I leave it powered off, the sound is the same. Same volume, same imbalance.   Is the problem caused by a faulty energizer? Any suggestions?
 Thanks for the initial review. I tried to get hold of a pair just for a short listening session but the only store around here that carries a pair in stock refused to let me, and I can understand that since just opening the package would depreciate the value by $500...! I recently purchased Fostex TH900 and fell in love with them. Have you, or anyone else here, made an A/B comparison of TH900 vs. SE-Master1?
Good to know: I just struggled with the installation of the USB drivers in Windows 10 and found that the USB cable was apparently not powerful enough. It did charge up the QP1R but did not transmit any data from the PC. Switching USB cable solved it.   Also, being a musician, I'm delighted to see a native ASIO driver as well, which can be used by virtual instruments and various VST/AU hosts! Really impressing...
WOW!!! You guys are the best!Thank you so much. 🙏👍
 It seems you prefer the Fostex TH-900 to the SEM1. May I ask why..? (besides the looks)
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