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 Thanks for the initial review. I tried to get hold of a pair just for a short listening session but the only store around here that carries a pair in stock refused to let me, and I can understand that since just opening the package would depreciate the value by $500...! I recently purchased Fostex TH900 and fell in love with them. Have you, or anyone else here, made an A/B comparison of TH900 vs. SE-Master1?
Good to know: I just struggled with the installation of the USB drivers in Windows 10 and found that the USB cable was apparently not powerful enough. It did charge up the QP1R but did not transmit any data from the PC. Switching USB cable solved it.   Also, being a musician, I'm delighted to see a native ASIO driver as well, which can be used by virtual instruments and various VST/AU hosts! Really impressing...
WOW!!! You guys are the best!Thank you so much. 🙏👍
 It seems you prefer the Fostex TH-900 to the SEM1. May I ask why..? (besides the looks)
 I have followed your advice and downgraded to 1.0.2 and it indeed helped. Many thanks for the link!  I recall this bug appeared after I upgraded to 1.0.5. Is 1.0.4 available for download somewhere..?
 Check in the System settings --> Idle poweroff that you have disabled that. That feature has not worked properly since firmware 1.0.5, at least not for me.
OK lads... I just found some time to compare the QP1R with my computer setup:   Laptop > Audioengine D1 DAC > Trends TA-10.2 amp > Stax SRD-7 adaptor > Stax Sigma headphones vs. QP1R > Stax Sigma headphones   I made sure that no EQ was enabled anywhere, and that the volume was equal.   I listened to a 16-bit 44.1 KHz FLAC of Grieg - Music for string orchestra, p/b Australian Chamber Orchestra / Richard Tognetti (BIS SACD-1877). Excellent recording and beautiful...
Hi guys,   Received this beauty today from the UK distributor. Still unpacked as I write this...  
I have been waiting a long time (then I mean something like 20 years) for this type of solution to appear.   What makes these headphones amazing is the ability to adapt the stereo field to the position of your ears. Just imagine being in a concert hall. You can hear the music in front of you but the sound waves are all around you, bouncing onto all kinds of materials in the concert hall. If you turn your head 45 degrees to the right, you will hear the reflected sound...
Don't say that! One of the temple pads on my K1000 fell off and just disappeared. I have been looking for it like crazy! How will I go on with my life?Seriously, I'm considering producing new temple pads, this should not be impossible since there are no wires and no plastic or metallic parts involved.
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