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At this time we are not considering that. Maybe down the road a bit though. HiFi-M8 will be 24/192 compatible though.   We decided to keep it that way to stay competitive with all the new products coming out.
That is the new MAP for all distributors.
  Yes, you can plug in two sets of unbalanced phones at once. Impedance and sensitivity specs for every headphone is different, so the output level may not seem the same if one set is harder to drive than the other. This means that if a pair of IEMS and LCD's are plugged in at the same time, the IEMS will be louder. If the headphones are the same or have similar specs, the output level would be the same on each.
Hey Everyone,   Please note price changes for DACport ($300) and DACport LX ($250).     -Kenny
Hey Head-fiers,   Just wanted to say thanks for the interest in HiFi-M8! As was mentioned, we are taking down 40 pre-orders at about $560. Anyone that is interested just needs to e-mail HiFi-M8@centrance.com. Please include your name and head-fi logon. These are the names that have stated they are interested in...
Hey Everyone,   HiFi-M8 Web page is up and running http://centrance.com/products/hifi-m8/. All the features and specs are still subject to small changes depending on what your feedback tells us.   Be sure to check out the "Compare" tab for a comparison of HiFi-M8 to other products in the same category.     -Kenny
Hi Junsa,   You should take a look at our DACport. Here is what one reviewer said:   "I was literally floored when I put on my Sony MDR-7509’s and listened to a track.  Detail, depth, space.  For fun, I plugged into the stock headphone out of the Mac Pro and switched the sound settings.  Let’s say the difference was about 70% loss in dimensional sound when not using the DACport.  Amazing."...
You may be interested in looking into our DACport LX. Here is what one reviewer said :   "Compared to my favorite $300 USB DAC, the HRT Music Streamer II+, the DACport LX has a slightly different sound signature: the LX is cleaner sounding, blacker background, and separation of instruments being clearer, while the HRT has a more enveloping analog sound, two inches wider but less deep on the soundstage, though being 10% more grainy sounding. The HRT Music Streamer II+...
Hey Everyone,   With all the indecision about which balanced connectors to use, we would like to receive individual input from balanced headphone users.   Which type of balanced connectors does everyone use personally? Dual 3-pin or 4-pin?   We are going to attempt to please as many people as possible by doing both designs, if needed, and would like to know the ratio of people that use each. This way we will be able to estimate the worth of each...
Excellent review Shigzeo! Thanks a lot for all the kind words! I am glad you (and your wife) are enjoying the system.   One small mistake I noticed is the mention of the output impedance mod. We offer a 1 ohm mod, not a 0 ohm.   Thanks again,   Kenny
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