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Hi ashishkushwaha, I'll go with option 3.   You may be interested in looking into our DACmini. I personally use it to listen to trance with DT990 250 ohm all the time and they sound excellent together. The bass is nice and tight and the tiny bit of high end that DT's add keeps the melodies nice and colorful. It can also be used as a preamp using the analog RCA outputs.   Here is a review from 6moons...
That is very situation dependent. HiFi-M8 will be compatible with standard USB 2.0 Audio drivers. Since Android USB audio is not yet mature, the implementation of USB Audio is highly dependent on the phone manufacturer, and even greatly varies from model to model. In other words, if the phone is capable of 24/192 though USB 2.0, then M8 will be able decode it.
  The answer is no, the signal is sent to all outputs equally. The amp is powering the outputs the same whether 1 or 2 sets of cans are plugged in. This may cause one headphone of low impedance to sound louder than a headphone of high impedance when both are plugged in at the same time.
Hey Everyone, We bring you even more good news! Black Chassis upgrades for our DACmini CX are free while supplies last. Just add the mod to your cart in our store when purchasing a DACmini.   -Kenny
You will probably want to go with DACmini then. Although if your HE-500 are balanced, then M8 will be useful for that
That is great! I'm glad you are enjoying the system!
Hey Beaver,   You may want to consider looking into our DACport LX. It is now more affordable than ever at $250.   Here is a couple reviews:   Let me know if you have any questions.   -Kenny
Send an e-mail to for pre-order information.
Hey Tama and Redchoco,   Thanks for your interest in DACmini. Let me know if you have any more questions about it.   Also, you may want to take a look into our Audiophile Desktop System for the complete package. It is now more affordable than ever.   -Kenny
Hi Blogboykes,   You might wanna give a look into our DACport as well. Price is now $299.95   Here is a Stereophile review where the reviewer used HD-650's:   "All was laid clear by the DACport driving my favorite Sennheiser HD-650s, with the clanking stereo sound effects at the beginning pristinely clean, and Lennox's voice sounding natural and free from grain." (    Let me...
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