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Yes, we will let you know when the date is getting near and you will then be able to finalize your decisions.
Yes you will be able to use it as a preamp to drive a pair of powered monitors or desktop amp.
The 1/8" combo will be included in the 4 pin version. It was not included in the 2x3 pin version because there is not enough room.
The dual XLR sockets are combo jacks. They can each support 1/2 of a balanced config OR 1 unbalanced. That means that putting two of them gives you one 2x3pin balanced output or two 1/4" unbalanced outputs.
Excellent Comparison! Thanks for the kind words!
We can make this happen. Send me a message if you are interested. We have not tested it yet, but HiFi-M8 is supposed to work with all iProducts, including the newest iPhone/iPad.   M8 is not shipping for several weeks still. Send an e-mail to for more information.
Hi Raygun,   Thanks for choosing DACmini! Your best option would be to listen to your tunes off your laptop. The USB cable provided with the DACmini is perfectly good to use for files up to 24/96. The spdif can be used for 24/192 files. CD quality is only 16/44.1 and is certainly not audio perfection, but better than MP3. You should purchase your music in lossless format, avoiding any file conversion.   Also, you can not use the DACmini to extract the digital...
About 3' O clock
Hello Tassardar, The DACport LX does have the same amplifier assembly as the regular DACport, but locked in at line-level. The main advantage you receive with regular DACport is the ability to drive larger headphones because it has +3 dB more available gain. The analog volume control is also very handy. The prices have recently changed which makes DACport ($300) only $50 more than DACport LX ($250).   Let me know if you have any other questions.   -Kenny
We have tesla t1 and LCD 2 to test our products here in the office. They both sound fantastic and there is plenty of drive with DACmini. I would say the LCD's are a bit better for electronic music because of a very thick bass heavy sound. The t1's have a smooth natural sound that is excellent with classical music.
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