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Heres my latest mix. 1 hour of groovy pumpin Psy-Trance.   Check it out!
Hi Foolsgold,   You may want to take a look at our Audiophile Desktop System. It is an all in one package with our DACmini PX Integrated (dac/headphone amp/power amp) and speakers enclosed in a pelican carrying case. Here is what one reviewer said:   "This is a system aimed at those willing to pay a prem­um for greatness. A truly bespoke solution for amazing audio in a pretty small package. It's the best all-in-one system we've seen, paired as well as any...
I have never listened much to Schiit products but i would generally have to agree with fabio on his answers.
Hi Bclark,   You may want to take a look into the DACmini, our desktop DAC/amp. I use LCD 2's here at the office for testing purposes and they sound excellent together.   Here is what one head-fier said: "I'm finding the CEntrance DACmini is a very good choice for the LCD-2, and it's become my favorite amp to pair with the LCD-2 so far." -Headphoneaddict   Let me know if you have any questions.   -Kenny
Hi Dutch,   You may want to take a look at our DACport LX. It is a compact USB DAC. The cost is now $250 and we are currently offering free shipping. Here is what one reviewer said:   "CEntrance's DACport LX offers superb sound quality at an affordable price. Its lack of an asynchronous USB interface doesn't compromise its performance, proving that there's more than one way to skin a serial...
Hi Greed,   You may want to take a look at our desktop DAC/amp the DACmini.  It is well within your budget and has a neutral sound signature that works very well with the headphones that you mentioned. Here is what one reviewer said:   "The DACmini™ sounds so good on so much musical material that it creates a problem for the reviewer because you end up focusing on the music rather than the DACmini itself. When pressed to characterize it, the standout sonic...
Hey Ya'll, Michael is at CES with the newest M8 prototype and wont be online much. Just be rest assured, the lowest gain setting will be perfectly suited for IEM users. We have been testing several different pairs to find the sweet spot so that there is plenty of usable pot space and your not riding it at the bottom!   Thanks for your patience, we are working hard to make this one a knockout.   -Kenny
Just a reminder: DACport is now at the low price of $300 and DACport LX is $250...and for a limited time we are also offering free shipping to anywhere in the world!   -Kenny
Hi Raskolnnikov, Our DACport LX is actually using the same exact amp as our regular DACport, only fixed at line level. The only thing that could possibly make any difference is the fact that the signal has a potentiometer in the signal path with DACport. People claim to be able to hear that difference when DACports output level is matched to LX. The difference, if any, is minimal.   -Kenny
I am very sorry about the confusion. PM sent.     Yes, when referring to the HiFi-M8 and HiFi-M8 LX, the only difference on the input side is swapping idevice for optical. USB DAC implementation is one of our specialties and both versions will  provide our signature sound quality with no limitations. If everything runs smooth then we are hoping to ship before February.
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