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Russell,   Thanks for the excellent feedback!   The answer to your first question is yes, the light comes on because the unit charges via USB when powered off.   Regarding the rubber feet, we felt that keeping the rubber bands around the unit, even when no phone is attached, provides adequate protection from table tops and slipping. It looks pretty cool also!   -Kenny
Hey Moodyrn,   I believe the 3 oclock position you may be referring to is the spot where DACport is equal to "line level" output.   HiFi-M8 is designed so that you can achieve "line level" output by keeping the gain switch in the middle position and putting the volume control all the way up.   -Kenny
Hey Everyone,   If anyone has any more technical questions about M8, send me an e-mail at Ksefton (at) centrance (dot) com.   Stacie will help you guys handle shipping related questions.     -Kenny
Yes you can add the mods into the cart the same as you would normally. There are black units available also.
Hey Everyone,   We have a small quantity of B-stock DACmini for just $549.95! *These B-stock units sound and operate the same as stock units* B-Stock units may have small cosmetic imperfections, such as a nick in the aluminum chassis. They are fully inspected at our US factory and carry full warranty. Get them while they are available!
Heres a new 1 hr bumpin' trance/psy-trance mix I made which includes my newest track. Juicy basslines abound :
Hey Emil,   We are putting out a new product soon called HiFi-M8. It is an all-in-one battery powered DAC/Amp that has USB and idevice inputs as well as balanced outputs and sound shaping controls.   You can read the head-fi thread and blog for more information about the modular design that the head-fi community helped to crowd source.   It is going to be released very soon, but we are still taking pre-orders right now at a discounted rate.   Let me know...
For me, all my pants have front pockets that are big enough to fit my iphone. The m8+iphone adds a bit of bulge to the pocket, but certainly fits. People that wear tight fitting jeans may not have that luxury though. The bundle fits well in a hoodie or jacket pocket also.
Hey thanks for the kind words Zeinharis!   Also, anyone that is wondering how DACmini compares to audio-gd reference 10.2 DAC(more than twice the cost), heres a recent article that does a mini shootout: "It’s abundantly clear why both companies have a formidable reputation amongst more seasoned head-fi-ers. I could live with either unit as daily headphone amplifier.  Both handle AKG K-702s with aplomb – something you can’t say about many rival all-in-one...
Hey thanks a lot man!   I love psytrance most but I could even see myself getting bored at a festival without variation. DnB is VERY necessary for a proper dance party.   and oh ya, that track is great! Listening now on DACmini and LCD2's
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