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 One M8 user created an excellent online wiki that covers other areas that the quick start guide does not. http://centrance.laurenson.com/index.php?title=Contents We have been making some necessary additions and changes to make sure it is accurate.
Hey All,   Sorry about the lack of info. We have been super busy with trade shows, HiFi-M8 production and Mixerface/Mini-M8 development.   The 24/96 upgrade is still in the works and we will have more info very soon!   -Kenny
Hi Everyone,   The feedback for M8 has been fantastic and we are expecting many more exciting things next year!   We do have a large shipment of units incoming, but there have been many large orders from dealers. Every unit is already spoken for. There will be many dealers around the world receiving stock within the next month.   All new orders do have to wait until the next batch is done being built in March ( although you can get 30% off until the end of the day!...
M8 is designed so that the unit makes a handshake with the iDevice when connected and turned on, but if there is no external power, it does not stay charging . It only blinks to show connection and turns back off.   If there is external power and the unit is turned on, M8 will charge an iDevice along with itself . If M8 is off, iDevice should not charge.   Unplugging the power while music is playing will cause the unit to stop the music and reconnect to the idevice,...
-There is no full user manual at this point. Just the Quick Start Guide. -The charge light will go off when the unit is fully charged . -The impedance settings are actually 11, 2, 1 ohms from left to right. The quick start guide does seem to give the opposite impression, but the decision was made as such because as you decrease the output impedance there is a bit of a boost in gain. Sliding any of the switches to the right will always boost gain. -Kenny
Hi Everybody,   We have just completed the second major wave of pre-orders. Next round is due to begin shipping in approximately 2 weeks (e-mail Stacie for more detailed information). Those that ordered after pre-orders were done are set to start shipping as soon as all pre-orders are sent (appx. 2nd week of Nov.). Thanks a lot for your patience .   I do have a question that I was hoping those that already have their unit could answer.   Is there anybody using their...
Anybody here enjoy bumpin underground trance?   Check out my newest mix:   https://soundcloud.com/futuresightproductions/september-2013-podcast
Yes, there are some limitations that exist when running from USB power.   Many people have noted that our DACmini, while having a similar sound signature, has a more powerful and controlled low end compared to DACport. That is due to the fact that it runs off of wall power and has more juice to use.   -Kenny
Please send an e-mail to Stacie (Sroma (at) centrance (dot) com) and let her know if you would like your unit to be sent before 24/96 capability, or after.   We are compiling the list of people for next batch to see who would like to test the unit before sending it back for 24/96.     Thanks, Kenny
Actually, our DACport LX is using the same exact amp as our regular DACport, only fixed at line level. The only thing that could make any difference is the fact that the signal has a potentiometer in the signal path with DACport. People claim to be able to hear that small difference when DACports output level is matched to LX.   -Kenny
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